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New Jersey DWI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Unveils Insightful Article on Ignition Interlock Device Requirements

New Jersey DWI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Unveils Insightful Article on Ignition Interlock Device Requirements

New Jersey DWI lawyer Rachel Kugel ( of The Kugel Law Firm has released a comprehensive article detailing the ignition interlock device (IID) requirements for those convicted of a DWI in New Jersey. The piece sheds light on the state's stringent DWI laws, particularly highlighting the mandates that came into effect in December 2019.

The article by the New Jersey DWI lawyer serves as a critical resource for individuals navigating the aftermath of a DWI conviction. Since the revision of the law, New Jersey has required the installation of an IID for every DWI sentence, regardless of whether it's a first or subsequent offense. The length of time the device must be installed and the conditions under which one may drive vary significantly based on several factors, including the severity of the offense and the offender's blood alcohol content (BAC).

Rachel Kugel, an experienced New Jersey DWI lawyer, carefully outlines the nuances of the law, stating, "The new DWI law is designed to adapt to the wide array of circumstances that can arise from DWI cases." She further explains, "The installation of an ignition interlock device has become the state's approach to mitigating drunk driving and its potentially fatal consequences."

The article delves into the specifics of how an IID works, its installation requirements for New Jersey drivers, and the implications of IID violations. For first-time offenders, Kugel notes that the mandatory installation of an IID is not something to overlook. "Even a first conviction of DUI in New Jersey may lead to an obligatory installation of an ignition interlock device," Kugel mentions, emphasizing the state's zero-tolerance stance.

Discussing the technology behind IIDs, Kugel explains, "These devices are more than punitive measures; they are preventative tools that allow individuals to maintain their daily routines while ensuring the safety of all road users." Her article goes on to explain the potential for license suspensions and the criteria for individuals who may not own a vehicle.

The article also sheds light on the legal consequences of IID violations, including the severe consequences of failing to install an IID, tampering or bypassing the device, and failing the rolling retest. "Understanding the legal implications and adhering to IID regulations is crucial," says Kugel, underscoring the importance of compliance with the law.

Kugel confronts the complexities and potential pitfalls that come with navigating DWI laws. She asserts, "The landscape of DWI penalties has become intricate and requires careful navigation. That's where the support and guidance of a knowledgeable attorney become indispensable."

For individuals facing the daunting prospect of a DWI conviction and the associated requirements of an IID, this article serves as a guide. It emphasizes the importance of seeking legal counsel promptly to ensure one's rights are protected and responsibilities are clearly understood.

About The Kugel Law Firm:

The Kugel Law Firm, located in New Jersey, is a respected legal practice dedicated to defending the rights of those accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI). The firm is led by Rachel Kugel, a lawyer with a deep understanding of DWI laws and a commitment to providing comprehensive legal support. The Kugel Law Firm is known for its approachable manner, thorough preparation, and steadfast advocacy in the courtroom. With a client-centered approach, the firm consistently strives to deliver favorable outcomes while demystifying the legal process for those they represent.


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