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Flexible Solutions International Inc (NYSEAmerican: FSI) Increases Crop Yield And Solves Environmental Nutrient Issues

Flexible Solutions International successfully commercializes technology by combating nitrogen and phosphorus runoff and evaporation. Its NanoChem Solutions, Inc. division manufactures specialty chemicals for the agriculture industry aimed specifically to lessen nutrient leaching, improving crop yield, decreasing fertilizers, and drastically reducing nutrient runoff.

FSI Company Snapshot

FSI develops specialty chemicals whose products save agriculture companies millions, reduce harm to the environment, and, at the same time, generates very attractive company sales and earnings for investors:

  • FSI generates solid YOY financial reporting. For its Q3 2022 three month period, volume rose to $ll,683 million from $9,214 the comparable period the prior year, a 27% YOY jump.

  • For the full year 2021, volume was up 10% and profits were up 16%. Sales reached $34,416,335 compared to $31,407,454. Profit in 2021 was $3,449,162 compared to $2,977,050.

FSI Is A Green Company That Makes Specialty Chemicals Compelling

While many investors may not find the idea of Specialty Chemicals to be all that sexy, FSI certainly makes a compelling argument. FSI helps improve crop yields, saves agriculture companies millions, reduces harm to the environment and generates sales and earnings above

that are growing like weeds. Pretty sexy, right?

FSI, Inc., is a developer and manufacturer of biodegradable polymers for oil extraction, detergent ingredients, and water treatment, as well as crop nutrient availability chemistry.

In this article, we will focus on FSI’s NanoChem Solutions, Inc. Division, in particular the agricultural products EX-10, N Savr 30 and Sun 27.

Improving Crop Yields

The world population just crossed the eight billion mark and is forecast to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. Concerned about food security and supply, experts are asking how we will feed everyone. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that we will need to produce 60% more food by 2050 to keep up with demand. Yields and labor productivity must increase to offer far-reaching consequences against global poverty. It is critical for protection of the environment, its people, and the plant.

FSI helps the agriculture industry by ensuring that the intended nutrients (fertilizers) are absorbed and processed by the plant. Ultimately, it improves the effectiveness of fertilizers and raises crop yields. An improved crop yield increases revenue and profits for growers while

feeding a growing population more efficiently.

Reducing Excessive Nutrient Runoff

In the past half century, humans have increased the amount of nitrogen in the environment more than any other major element. Our use of synthetic fertilizer has all contributed to a doubling of nitrogen flows. Half the world’s crops today are grown with the aid of fertilizer made by capturing inert nitrogen from the air.

The world is using nitrogen fertilizer less and less efficiently. A greater proportion than ever before is washing into rivers and oceans. An environmental catastrophe looms, nitrogen scientists say, and the world urgently needs to develop strategies to prevent it.

That fallout is all around us. In the United States, it is being felt in virtually all parts of the country — unleashing algal blooms in rivers from the Ohio to the Klamath in California; poisoning underground water reserves in California; leaving fish gasping for oxygen in Chesapeake Bay; and creating toxic “red tides” off the shores of Florida.

The largest cause of this environmental catastrophe is the 120 million tons

of synthetic nitrogen used globally in agriculture each year. This environmental chaos kills fish, aquatic plant life, and wildlife, and causes major respiratory issues in people.

FSI’s EX-10, N Savr 30 And Sun 27 Are Biodegradable Additives That Reduce Nitrogen And Phosphorus Run Offs And Evaporation

FSI offers solutions EX-10, NSaver 30 and Sun27 which are environmentally friendly biodegradable additives that reduce nitrogen and phosphorus run off and evaporation. These solutions improve the efficiency of fertilizer which means less fertilizer is used and run off is reduced.

EX-10 is a synthetic protein that, when added to fertilizer, will prevent the

nutrients from converting into forms that are not useful for plants. EX-10

ensures that more nutrients will be absorbed by the crops.

N Savr 30 is a nitrogen conservation product that reduces bacterial

breakdown that causes a loss of nitrogen in warm, wet soils. This

drastically reduces fertilizer loss, saving the farmer money, and protecting

the environment from excess nitrogen runoff.

SUN 27 is also a nitrogen fertilizer enhancement product, which prevents enzymes present in the soil from converting nitrogen into forms that are no longer useful to plants, which would lead to wasted nitrogen that could potentially evaporate into nitrogen gas.

Reducing Costs And Improving Margins

Every business is concerned with reducing costs, and improving margins, and the agricultural sector is no different. Fertilizer is a major expense for farmers, and prices continue to rise.

While it is estimated that 30-50% of a crop’s productivity is directly correlated to fertilizer, often less than 50% of the applied fertilizer even makes it to the plant. What does this mean? Simply put, often a majority of the fertilizer being applied is being wasted, and farmers are spending too much money on fertilizer than they need to.


Traditionally, farmers are hesitant when it comes to adapting new methods. However, this is changing and farmers of today are now more educated and concerned about the environment.

Expect Flexible Solutions International Inc.’s (NYSEAmerican: FSI) products to only become more relevant as our population continues to grow, farmers start to adopt more modern practices, and regulations regarding fertilizers become more strict worldwide.

ESG investing and socially conscious investing as a whole are hot topics in the news today. Here is a great example of a company with more than solid financials and products that can greatly impact our environment.

Investors looking for more information could start at the company website :

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