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Axis TMS Software Reduces Trucking Company Manpower by 60%

Axis TMS, an all-in-one trucking management and fleet dispatch software, allows trucking companies to dramatically reduce manpower and streamline their entire trucking business.

(PRUnderground) June 6th, 2023

The all-in-one software solution offered by Axis TMS is dramatically reducing manpower requirements and increasing efficiency for trucking companies across North America. Many clients are reporting that it is reducing their office staffing by as much as 60% and offering a return on investment (ROI) in as little as one month.

While many software platforms offer shortcuts for trucking companies, few offer as comprehensive of a solution as Axis TMS, which covers virtually all operational needs in one cloud-based software platform. Average-sized trucking companies (with about 20 trucks) are consistently reporting being able to cut office employees from five down to just two. On average, this 60% manpower reduction is conservatively saving companies $112,320 in salaries (down from more than $187,000 per year to less than $75,000). This reduction allows the users to cover the annual subscription fee for Axis TMS in the first month of using the software.

With high competition, reduced compensation, and volatility in the industry, trucking companies are looking to shave expenses wherever they can. In addition to slashing internal operating expenses, Axis TMS also streamlines operations so that companies can allocate their time to other critical areas of their business, such as expanding their fleet or investing in driver training and safety programs.

“Too many trucking companies are still running off of archaic spreadsheets and multiple third party applications. Not only are they paying way too many people to staff their companies, they’re running themselves ragged performing tasks that can be automated with just one cloud-based solution,” said Nic Shafer, CMO of Axis TMS.

Axis TMS integrates various functionalities (ranging from load planning and dispatching to asset tracking and driver management) into one user-friendly trucking software solution. One of the key, cost-saving benefits of Axis TMS is its ability to optimize load planning and dispatching. The system takes into account various factors (such as load size, weight, and delivery deadlines) and then generates the most efficient routes for drivers. This helps to minimize empty miles and maximize truck capacity utilization, ultimately leading to reduced fuel consumption and lower operational costs. Additionally, the automated dispatching feature ensures that assignments are distributed evenly among drivers, eliminating manual errors and reducing the need for excessive manpower.

Axis TMS also offers real-time asset tracking capabilities, allowing trucking companies to monitor their vehicles’ locations and statuses at all times. This feature enhances operational visibility and enables proactive decision-making. Dispatchers can quickly identify potential delays or disruptions and take appropriate actions to mitigate them. Accurate tracking data also enables precise ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival), enabling efficient scheduling of resources and minimizing waiting times.

In short, the software platform covers all departments of a trucking company to include but not limited to: dispatch and order management, monitoring, safety and fleet compliance, payroll, accounting, and accounts receivable. Most importantly every part of the Axis TMS platform is both integrated and automated, meaning that all information automatically flows from the initial load generation to billing, factoring, payroll, and accounting, In many cases the Axis TMS platform can eliminate nearly a dozen different applications and replace them with a simple, easy to use, all-in-one application that is fully automated, resulting in immense time reduction and increased operational efficiency.

The driver management component of Axis TMS is another significant advantage. It enables trucking companies to streamline communication with their drivers through a mobile app. Drivers can receive assignments, update their status, and submit electronic proof of delivery, all in real-time. This eliminates the need for excessive paperwork and reduces administrative burdens on both drivers and office staff. By automating these processes, the system frees up valuable time for drivers to focus on their core responsibilities: safe and timely deliveries.

Axis TMS serves trucking companies of all sizes, ranging from mom-and-pop, single truck outfits up to companies with 100+ rigs. Subscriptions start as low as $99 per month. To learn more about Axis TMS and how it is changing the trucking industry, visit

About Axis TMS

Axis TMS provides a reliable easy-to-use Trucking Management System Software. Their system allows trucking company owners to automate the essential processes of their trucking businesses from anywhere in the world.

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