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The Tainan Yacht Lifestyle Festival Grandly Debuts, Showcasing the Maritime Charm of the City and Creating A New Highlight for Yacht Tourism

By: MerxWire
Tainan Yachting Life Festival makes its grand debut. (Image source: ARGO Yacht Group)

TAINAN, TAIWAN (Merxwire) – The first-ever Tainan International Yacht Lifestyle Festival will take place grandly on 9/9 and 9/10 at the Anping Yacht Pier in Agong Tainan. The event offers a rich and exciting program, including a “Specialty Market,” “Yacht Experiences,” “Yacht Forum,” and “Harborfront Concert.” It features musical performances by invited artists such as Wu Xian, Dolphin Detectives, Ice Hockey Band, Ludy Lin from Greeny Grass, Southwestern Ken En, LINION, Everydaze, and more. Visitors can enjoy delicious food on the lawn, sway gently to the rhythm and sea breeze, and immerse themselves in the relaxed and chill atmosphere, experiencing the maritime charm of the city.

The Tainan City Tourism Bureau, centered around the Anping Yacht Pier in Agong Tainan, combines local culture, concerts, and yacht tourism resources to create a new style of yacht travel. The Tourism Bureau collaborates with the well-known market brand La Rue Creative Design to organize a marine-themed market, encouraging people to get closer to the ocean, embrace it, and learn about Tainan’s maritime culture. Additionally, to promote yacht tourism, the Tourism Bureau arranges yacht experience activities, allowing people to personally board and explore, appreciate the interior design of the yachts, and experience the charming allure of yachting. Furthermore, the Tourism Bureau is also opening early registration for people to participate in yacht harbor tours, where captains will lead you into the sea to experience the thrill of sailing.

The important policy of paying tribute to the ocean is one of the future development focuses of the Tainan City Tourism Bureau. In this regard, the Tourism Bureau will play the role of the captain, constructing a more comprehensive policy for Tainan’s maritime recreational industry. It is hoped that in the future, through collaboration between the government, industry, and academia, and by harnessing Tainan’s abundant maritime resources, a sustainable and yacht-friendly development environment will be created.

In order to implement cooperation between industry, government and academia, LOHAS Ocean College donated the sailing ship “LOHAS” to Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. (Image source: ARGO Yacht Group)

In response to the Tourism Bureau’s support for marine activities, the Le-Hua Marine Academy located in Anping, Tainan, has taken this opportunity to donate a sailboat, the “Le-Hua Hao” to Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, bridging the gap between the maritime recreational industry and academia. In the future, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology plans to establish a marine leisure department, grounding marine education and nurturing professionals to enter the maritime recreational industry, laying the foundation for the future development of Tainan’s maritime recreational industry.

In the presence of Mayor Huang Wei-Che, Chairman Hou You-Lin of the Le-Hua Marine Academy donated a sailboat carrying the concept of marine education to Vice President Zhang Rui-Xing of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, symbolizing the beginning of cooperation between the two parties. In the future, both sides will continue to deepen the industry foundation and connections in local maritime tourism, working together to promote Tainan’s maritime recreational industry. It is hoped that through collaboration between the government, industry, and academia, a sustainable and yacht-friendly development environment will be created. Gradually, Tainan will be transformed into a world-class yacht bay area, building maritime dreams and ushering in a bright future for the maritime recreational industry in Tainan.

Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che expressed that this event brings a fresh opportunity for yacht leisure industry and business prospects to Anping. He hopes to continue organizing marine-related activities in the future to promote the beauty of Tainan’s maritime resources. The city government team will play the role of a capable captain, providing full support and cooperation. They will also leverage the policy support from the central Ministry of Transportation and Port Authority to accelerate progress, with the expectation that Anping Yacht Pier will become a new highlight in Tainan tourism. If the development of Anping Pier progresses, it will have a highly positive impact on boosting the local economy, creating job opportunities, and expanding tourism development.

Tainan City Tourism Bureau Director Lin Guo-Hua stated that the Yacht Lifestyle Festival combines marine education, yacht tourism, and cultural activities. The goal is to allow the residents of Tainan to get to know the ocean, get close to it, and fall in love with it through various recreational experiences. In the future, the Tourism Bureau will continue to promote a series of marine-related activities, aiming to make Tainan a prominent hub for marine tourism in Taiwan. This event also marks the beginning of preparations for next year’s Tainan 400th-anniversary celebration.

Tainan City Tourism Bureau Director Lin Guo-Hua pointed out that yachting has traditionally been perceived as an “expensive” and “high-end” leisure activity. However, in recent years, maritime yacht recreation has been gaining popularity, and related industries have received increasing attention from the government. Tainan’s Anping Pier boasts captivating scenery, calm waters, and minimal tidal changes, making it an excellent location for yacht activities. With the planning and efforts of the Agong Group, it is expected to become a key hub for marine leisure activities in southern Taiwan in the future, attracting visitors from all over to experience the charm of the maritime city of Tainan.


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SOURCE: ARGO Yacht Group

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