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Why Father’s Day Is Different Around the World

By: MerxWire

Father’s Day is a day to thank fathers. Father’s Day varies from country to country due to historical background or cultural customs, but no matter what day, everyone will give their father full blessings.

Many countries adopted the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. (Photo via

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (Merxwire) – Father’s Day is coming; this is a special day for fathers; let us pay tribute to all the great fathers! But you know what? The dates and origins of Father’s Day vary from country to country; Many countries celebrate Father’s Day on different dates.

Many countries have a yearly special day dedicated to fathers: Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a festival for children to express gratitude and love to their fathers, and it is also a festival for the whole society to express appreciation and respect for the contributions and contributions of male family members. Usually, on this day, the family will give gifts to the father, or there will be activities such as family dinners, and everyone will gather to celebrate. However, the origins of Father’s Day vary from country to country. Some are related to parenthood, and some are related to anti-Japanese heroes. It is exciting. Now, look at Father’s Day’s dates and origins in various countries.

The following introduces the date of Father’s Day in various countries:
March 19: Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain
May 8: South Korea
May 31: Germany
June 4: Denmark
First Sunday in June: Lithuania
Second Sunday in June: Austria, Belgium
Third Sunday in June: USA, Japan, UK, China, Singapore, Canada, Philippines, etc.
First Sunday in September: New Zealand, Australia
Second Sunday in November: Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden
December 5: Thailand

Father’s Day is a day to thank fathers for their upbringing and companionship. (Photo via

Father’s Day originated in the United States in the early 20th century. Inspired by her father’s single parenting, Sonora Smart Dodd believes there should be a special day like Mother’s Day to honor her father. Later, after hard work, in 1966, the President of the United States announced the third Sunday in June as National Father’s Day, and in 1972 it was designated as an American holiday. Since then, this day has become the National Father’s Day. After that, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Singapore, and the Philippines, including more than 80 countries in Eurasia and the Americas, all adopted this Day as Father’s Day, the anniversary used by most countries.

Influenced by history and culture, Taiwan’s Father’s Day is scheduled on August 8, also called the “Eight Eighth Festival,” because of its homonym. In 1945, the war between China and Japan was tragic. At that time, many soldiers who died on the battlefield were fathers. To commemorate these fathers who sacrificed their lives for the country, the word “88” is used, which not only means father but also represents the date. Therefore, August 8 is designated as Father’s Day. Although most countries in the world adopt the date of Father’s Day in the United States, the origin of Father’s Day in Taiwan has its own time and space background, which is unique.

Are you ready to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad this year? Whether writing a card by hand, preparing a small gift, or simply having a meal, it can show the most sincere blessings to Father. If the distance is far away, you can also use video calls to care about non-stop happiness uninterrupted and enjoy every moment of being together with your family.

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