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Traveler’s Choice: Mexico and Japan Cities Shine in U.S. Magazine Survey

By: MerxWire

According to the “Travel+Leisure” survey of the readers’ favorite travel cities in 2023, Mexico and Japan collectively secured five top ten positions. The cities of these two countries attract a substantial number of tourists due to their distinctive cultural charm, abundant travel experiences, and delightful cuisines.

Oaxaca has traditional Mexican cuisine and beautiful architecture. (Photo via

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – The American travel magazine “Travel+Leisure” recently unveiled its list of the most popular travel cities among its readers for 2023. This ranking was generated through reader voting, conducted from October 24, 2022, to February 27, 2023, during which readers evaluated global travel experiences. The results indicated that Mexico and Japan accounted for five top ten spots, demonstrating their significant appeal to tourists.

During the voting process, travelers expressed their opinions about various aspects, such as hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruises, spa centers, and airlines, selecting their preferred travel destinations in each category. Regarding city rankings, the evaluation criteria encompassed attractions/landmarks, culture, food, friendliness, shopping, and value, with the best cities being determined across these six categories. The Top 10 Favorite Global Cities for 2023 are as follows:

1. Oaxaca, Mexico: Renowned for its rich cultural heritage and delectable cuisine, Oaxaca captures travelers’ attention as a captivating destination. The state of Oaxaca is celebrated for its unique culinary culture, mainly traditional Mexican dishes and local cooking techniques. Visitors can savor fresh chili peppers, corn tortillas, grilled meats, and various delicious Mexican delicacies.

2. Udaipur, India: With its ancient history and distinctive cultural features, Udaipur entices numerous enthusiasts of culture. Udaipur boasts many old buildings and temples, allowing tourists to explore religious and culturally significant sites, such as the Jagdish Temple, one of the city’s most famous temples.

3. Kyoto, Japan: Its profound history, majestic temples, and exquisite cuisine make Kyoto a treasure trove for exploration. Kyoto serves as Japan’s cultural and historical heart, featuring numerous beautiful temples, gardens, and traditional crafts. Visitors can partake in tea ceremonies, experience wearing traditional kimonos, and fulfilling the dream of witnessing cherry blossoms in full bloom during spring.

Travelers love to visit Japan’s historic temples and experience wearing kimonos. (Photo via

4. Ubud, Indonesia: The enchanting jungle landscapes and artistic ambiance make Ubud an ideal choice for a graceful journey. Ubud is hailed as an artist’s paradise, with abundant arts and crafts. Tourists can visit local art studios, galleries, and markets to experience the unique culture of Bali.

5. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: This town’s architectural and environmental beauty, resembling an open-air gallery, attracts artists. San Miguel de Allende is a charming town known for its colorful architecture and artistic scenery. Visitors can stroll through narrow streets and admire art pieces and contemporary artists’ studios that are scattered throughout the town.

6. Mexico City, Mexico: The fusion of modern luxury hotels and ancient heritage infuses the city with vitality and vibrancy. Mexico City offers a plethora of cultural and musical venues. Tourists can visit historical sites and modern art museums and indulge in local flavors.

7. Tokyo, Japan: As a modern metropolis, its top-notch ramen and shopping districts lure tourists from around the globe. Tokyo is brimming with fashion, art, technology, and pop culture. Visitors can explore trendy shopping areas, attend art exhibitions, and relish innovative local cuisine while immersing in the latest Eastern cultural trends.

Thailand’s street food, hot and sour dishes, and sweet fruits attract tourists. (Photo via

8. Istanbul, Turkey: As a crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures, Istanbul’s allure lies in its fusion of culture, religion, and people. Istanbul connects the East and West with its magnificent architecture and diverse culture. Tourists can visit the renowned Blue Mosque and ancient palaces and stroll through historical markets.

9. Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok, a representative multicultural city, is famous for its cuisine, temples, bustling streets, and exceptional massages. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is celebrated for its lively night markets, temples, and delectable street food. Visitors can explore temples and ancient districts and savor authentic Thai cuisine.

10. Mumbai, India: Serving as a historic hub and business center, the streets of Mumbai carry the aroma of curry spices and baked bread. Mumbai boasts a rich culture and history, allowing visitors to explore historical sites like India Gate and temples, visit Bollywood film shooting locations and museums, and even participate in Indian film production experiences.

The “Travel+Leisure” 2023 ranking of the most popular travel cities demonstrates the influence and popularity of Mexico and Japan in the realm of travel. These two countries captivate tourists on the global stage with their unique cultural allure and abundant travel experiences. Whether exploring historical landmarks or relishing local delicacies, Mexico and Japan provide unforgettable travel experiences. This also underscores the power of travel, as it connects people from different countries to share and experience the charm of diverse cultures. Visiting these cities is highly recommended whether one is inclined toward history, culture, or cuisine.

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