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Choosing the Right Swimsuit Color is the First Step to Play in the Water Safely

By: MerxWire

The global heat and high temperatures make people anxious, and many parents take their children to the swimming pool or beach to cool off. Nikki, a swimming coach in Florida, USA, reminds everyone not to let children wear “blue” swimsuits into the water because it will increase the danger of playing in the water.

Experts advise against letting children into the water in blue swimming suits to reduce the danger level of drowning. (Photo via

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – The hot and high temperature around the world these days makes people restless and want to soak in the water to cool off, especially families with children going to the beach or swimming pool more often. Nikki Scarnati, a swimming coach from Florida, USA, reminds everyone not to let children wear “blue” swimsuits into the water because it will increase the danger of swimming or playing in the water.

Nikki took her daughter as a test subject, put her into the water in a blue swimsuit with pink lace, and filmed it to prove this important point. The child with the blue swimsuit whose color is similar to that of the pool water, naturally blends with the environment and the splashing water after entering the water, making it difficult to be seen and found in the event of drowning. Especially when there are a lot of people, this protective color phenomenon will be more obvious and relatively more dangerous.

Experts do not recommend wearing a blue swimsuit because it is an environmental color closer to swimming pools and seawater. As long as you wear a blue swimsuit and enter the water, you will blend into the environment. Whether it’s surrounded by crowds or on a sunny day, it can be difficult to see a child clearly in the water. Therefore, when choosing a swimsuit, the first thing to do is to avoid the environmental color “blue”.

So if you want to enjoy the coolness of summer and play safely, the first step is to choose the right swimsuit color. Many parents choose swimsuits for their children based on style and comfort. People often choose “good-looking” swimsuits, but ignore important safety issues. Research has found that choosing the right swimsuit color is of great help in preventing drowning, so the “color” of swimsuits and swimming caps is the primary consideration for safe playing in the water.

Statistics from the WHO show that one of the leading causes of death for people under the age of 24 is drowning, and the highest risk groups are children under the age of 5. Therefore, you must pay attention to the environment and your safety when engaging in water sports. ALIVE Solutions Inc., a professional water safety company, has conducted field research on the color of swimsuits, mainly to understand the difference in the visibility of swimsuits of different colors in swimming pools or open water.

In the actual swimming pool test, the test is divided into the state of the calm water surface or the rippling water surface, to observe the visibility of different swimsuit colors. In this test, the least noticeable swimsuit colors in the water were light blue and white, followed by other darker blue swimsuits. The more obvious swimwear colors are bright peach and neon orange.

Experts suggest for safety consider that we have to avoid choosing blue swimming caps. (Photo via

The actual measurement in open waters such as the seaside is to test the visibility of swimsuits of different colors by floating on the surface, floating below the sea level, and taking aerial shots from a higher angle. The study found that the more conspicuous colors are fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent green, and other colors will become inconspicuous below sea level.

Experts also remind everyone not to choose darker colors such as dark green, dark gray, or black, because these colors are more likely to be covered by shadows, rocks, fallen leaves, etc., making it difficult for drowning or missing people to be found.

Therefore, Adam Katchmarchi, executive director of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance in the USA, recommends that you have to choose swimsuits and swimming caps with high brightness and eye-catching colors, such as bright orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, etc., to improve the field of vision during the rescue. The visibility increases the chances of being found in the event of an accident. At the same time, remind everyone to avoid wearing blue swimsuits to reduce the critical situation of drowning, especially children and people who are not good in the water.

In addition to choosing the color of the swimsuit, we should also pay attention to our physical condition, outdoor climate, indoor light, whether there are lifeguards, swimming pool safety equipment, and environmental safety when playing in the water, such as the clarity of the water, the strength of the wind and waves, or whether there are rocks on the bottom of the water reef, etc. Only in this way you can enjoy the coolness and relieve the heat, and play safely and at ease.

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