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Innovative 15-Year-Old Prodigy Mike Wimmer Launches InstaGrade AI: A Groundbreaking Tool for TCG Collectors

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Collectible card culture has boomed since the pandemic. One of the most popular collectible cards is the Pokemon TCG, with an estimated audience of over 700,000 collectors worldwide and 1.5 million Graded Pokemon cards. The Global Trading Card Game (TCG) Market Outlook puts the market size at over 14.5 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach over 34.6 billion by 2028.

Spearheading the evolution of TCG collection management is InstaGrade Holdings (, a visionary company led by tech virtuoso Mike Wimmer, a 15-year-old from North Carolina. Mike Wimmer, who serves as CEO, is also the brains behind the bespoke AI green screen grading technology, the application, its databases, and all underlying systems for InstaGrade. Reflecting on the inception, Mike shared, "InstaGrade started development in 2023 when a group of us casually got together to compare our latest pack breaks worldwide. We soon realized there must be a better way to track and evaluate our TCG card collections through visual AI. That was how InstaGrade was born."

Mike has already distinguished himself as a prodigy in the tech world. Not only did he graduate high school as a valedictorian at age 12, but he has also completed his bachelor’s in computer science, master’s in data science, and MBA, all with the highest honors. Demonstrating an early aptitude for applying his knowledge in significant ways, Mike has been actively involved with the United States Special Operations Command since the age of 10, delivering expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through numerous contracts. This practical experience showcases his ability to contribute meaningfully to complex real-world problems. Mike's educational journey continues as he pursues a Ph.D. in innovation, which he is on track to complete at age 16, further solidifying his role as a forward-thinking innovator in the tech industry.

"I sought a market that would truly highlight the capabilities of my visual AI system, and the TCG market presented the perfect opportunity to demonstrate its potential. The system’s ability to provide real-time card recognition, market value tracking, and AI-assisted grading recommendations based on card cut and current pricing sets a new standard in the industry," Mike explained, blending his modesty with a confident acknowledgment of his groundbreaking work.

In addition to his academic achievements, Mike is the driving force behind Next Era Innovations (, where he leads the development of avant-garde AI and machine learning systems focusing on real-time object identification and autonomous vehicle technologies. His role doesn’t stop there; as Head of AI & Development at Atlantic Lionshare (, he pioneers advancements in underwater robotics and AI solutions for environmental conservation. Through these roles, Mike demonstrates his exceptional leadership and creativity and his commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of various industries.

This commitment to innovation and excellence in AI and technology seamlessly extends into his latest venture, InstaGrade, with its first release, PokeLIVE. InstaGrade AI revolutionizes the collector's experience with its intelligent database. This dynamic system learns and enhances its capabilities as users interact with the app, ensuring the database evolves beyond traditional static models. Furthermore, as the user base grows, the platform will offer increasingly detailed insights into card rarity on a global scale, enriching the collector's knowledge and strategy.

InstaGrade will soon introduce proCONNECT, a service designed to enhance the trading experience for collectors. Through proCONNECT, users can curate a wishlist of cards they wish to acquire, and sellers can list their cards for sale discreetly. The service will seamlessly connect buyers and sellers within the app, enabling transactions without imposing commission fees.

“It’s hard to keep track of all the pricing and trading cards worldwide, which is nearly impossible. InstaGrade will act as the bridge to drive the excitement of collectors and players worldwide.” The project is far from just a garage project as every step has been thought through, from a faster detection engine that picks up cards quicker than other tools on the market to real-time market pricing. “InstaGrade may be a collector’s tool, but it also works for people looking to play the game. With a deck builder, the TCG is expanded to provide TCG players with a platform to keep track of their decks when they enter competitions.” With its imminent release on May 25th at Collect-A-Con Orlando. ( InstaGrade is set to become an indispensable resource for the TCG community. It marks the first use of AI to determine pricing for both Japanese and English card sets. Under its ambitious leadership, InstaGrade plans to extend its reach into other TCG markets, including Magic: The Gathering and Disney’s Lorcana, promising to transform the card collecting and trading landscape.

Attendees of Collect-A-Con Orlando will have the Rare opportunity to meet/interview Mike Wimmer at the event on May 25 & 26th. 

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