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Icecap Is Helping Investors Back Their Portfolios with Diamonds Through The NFT Marketplace

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NFT portfolios are gaining a great hard investment option with diamonds through Icecap. With protection from inflation, diamonds are an excellent way to diversify and invest in a portfolio.

The NFT marketplace is continuing to revolutionize the investment industry. With numerous ways to invest and diversify an NFT portfolio, the options are almost endless. Just like any other investment marketplace, however, there is always a concern that things like inflation may start to reduce the value of a portfolio. Investing in hard assets that withstand inflation and issues with banks has been a solution for a long time with options like silver and gold. Diamonds are another incredible option; however, these investments tend to be difficult to make as most of the people purchasing them are looking for jewelry, not a lasting, safe investment option.

Icecap has combined a team of financial and diamond experts to create a platform dedicated to the NFT hard assets option of diamonds. This great new investment option is now accessible to any investor as a way to diversify and protect their portfolios.

How Icecap works and why it’s a great option for investors

Icecap chose diamonds as the focus of their platform because of how well they’ve withstood the test of time. Regardless of the state of the economy or inflation, diamonds have remained an incredibly valuable asset that has retained their value for centuries.

Even before they were an option for the NFT market, they were considered a great investment. They serve as an easily concealed and portable item, either in their raw form or as part of a piece of jewelry. Even if they’re being worn daily in a pair of earrings or as a necklace, they still retain their value. Their value is also less volatile than gold, and they tend to outpace inflation.

So how does it work? Are investors really going to be carrying around these incredibly valuable stones? The security and safety of the actual diamond will be in the hands of Icecap. They already have highly secure vaults with the diamonds their investors own, and those diamonds stay with them unless requested by the investor.

With diamonds ranging from $3k to $50k, Icecap can fit just about any investment budget. With a budget decided on, the investor works with the team at Icecap to transfer their money to tokens that represent ownership of real diamonds in the Icecap vault.

If an investor decides they want the physical diamond, they can retrieve it from the Icecap vault at any time by redeeming their tokens and working with the team to have it shipped to them. However, as long as they want, those diamonds can remain safe and secure while contributing to a solid portfolio.


Icecap is taking one of the oldest forms of wealth investment and combining it with new technology for a safe and secure option. Investing in diamonds is a way to keep a portfolio protected from inflation while owning a tangible, sold asset.

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