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What can AIGC Bring to Education: EDTK.US Announced to Lanuch AI-embedded Online Application Tools

HONG KONG, Feb 17, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - Nasdaq-listed online education technology company EDTK.US announced that it plans to launch Class Bot, the innovative AI-embedded application tools to help schools and training institutions quickly establish online learning courses and improve the learning efficiency and graduation rate for online students through adaptive learning model.

With the global emergence of ChatGPT, the capital market has been continuously taking actions in the AIGC applications areas since February. A number of listed companies have announced their involvement in research and development, and the investment layout for AI is once again being formed in the world.

What can AIGC Bring to Education?
Everyday applications of AI have long been discussed in the science fictions, and ChatGPT's birth in late 2022 is certainly a node. The application of AIGC technology may revolutionize the traditional mode of content production and information acquisition, forming a new generation business mode after PGC and UGC. In the long term, AIGC may become the most noteworthy investment orientation in the next 10 years.

Among many application scenarios, the application of AIGC in education has attracted widespread attention. In the application of ChatGPT, the Chatbot has shown functions such as answering, designing and parsing questions, revealing an interactivity that is different from that of previous chatbots. The education industry, especially online education, has a natural fit with AIGC-related technologies because of its demand for interactivity and the pertinence of vertical contents, thus drawing much attention.

According to ChatGPT's capabilities available currently, the AIGC model can take human books, academic papers, news, and high-quality information as learning contents by integrating the massive data behind it, and learn them intensively based on human feedback. In education, AI can make breakthroughs in teaching guidance, content output forms and personalized education by organizing and refining the database of teaching resources.

The Class Bot, the product that EDTK.US plans to develop this time, is an AI-embedded application tools.Through the three features of Auto Curriculum, AI Tutor and Self-adaptive Learning, it provides different kinds of help for course preparation, autonomous learning, intelligent tutoring and intelligent assessment in online education. The product is currently under development and internal testing is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.

As shown in the announcement, the primary feature of the Class Bot is Auto Curriculum. Through the introduction of homology-based AIGC technology, it can collect, organize and refine the internal learning materials, Internet-related courseware videos, documents, web pages and other contents. With a focus on the learning points, course outlines and test papers can be generated automatically. Meanwhile, the AI Tutor feature can help students answer questions, track and supervise their progress, grade examination papers, and provide real-time feedback on the students' learning results and weaknesses, thus acting as a personalized homeroom teacher.

In terms of the educational process, Self-adaptive Learning will realize personalized learning customization, manage learning outlines and notes, and help the students complete the courses at the speed set by students themselves on time. High-performing students can "learn ahead of time," while less effective students can have reviews repeatedly. The entire learning process is thus more efficient and accurate for users. Through the real-time interactive Bot concept, students can search and answer questions at any time, analyze their weaknesses and conduct simulation tests to strengthen learning, so as to achieve a significant improvement in learning effect.

Industry insiders point out that ChatGPT has the potential to become a new engine for innovation and development in the education sector. One the one hand, ChatGPT can carry out information mining, material invocation, copying and editing, teaching evaluation and other tasks at a high level, which technically meets the needs of personalized education with low marginal costs and high efficiency. One the other hand, ChatGPT can foster new forms and models of education by supporting multi-dimensional interaction and integration of digital contents with the traditional education industry.

Embedded Tools may become the direction of implementing AIGC education
Although AIGC has been recognized as a promising application in education, objectively speaking, the technology is still in its early stage of development and needs to be improved in terms of quality of generated contents, commercial exploration cost and use cost. Chief scientist of NetEase Youdao once said in an interview, "The update of AIGC technology is a revolutionary innovation. In the segmented application, however, such a large and comprehensive model is actually not needed, yet some in-depth exploration is needed."

In the education field, the content generated by AIGC applications is greatly related to the material database of training model. Depending on the database being used, there may be very strong "exclusiveness" in the generated content. Taking vocational training as an example, enterprises may have completely different requirement standards for the same procedure or have "argots" that belong to a specific sector. Therefore, it is not easy to build an all-scenario "product".

According to the anticipations for current market, it may be one of AIGC landing directions to provide integrated solutions to enterprises through technology licensing, O&M service and exclusive material training. The upstream generates embedded tools that are applicable to multiple scenarios through platform building and model training, while the customers utilize relevant tools to carry out the secondary development of AIGC applications according to their own needs to provide the solution for a specific scenario.

As revealed in the announcement, the Class Bot will adopt the SaaS model for promotion after completion of product development. By integrating AIGC and domestically leading AI technology, it can help customers of various trades to quickly build their own online course system and improve the learning efficiency and completion of professional skills of their own employees. Customers can create their own "instructor" through the Class Bot, and help enterprises reach the efficiency of staff training through AI planning and training for each enterprise.

In terms of applications, the Class Bot will preferentially target Southeast Asia and other regions. There are many new start-ups in the local regions, and most of the companies are yet to establish an internal training system. Through the Class Bot, EDTK.US can help enterprises generate a standardized system as an internal training process, and subsequently a standardized knowledge output system to improve the efficiency of employee training.

Mr. Bill Fu, Co-CEO of EDTK.US, said in the announcement, "The Class Bot will be used as an embedded application tool to enable different types of online education scenarios , help small and medium educational institutions quickly establish their own online course systems through the SaaS model, and support the enterprises in the establishment of online vocational skills training course platforms across different trades. Looking ahead, we hope to officially launch the Class Bot to the market soon and will preferentially provide multilingual application versions for regions such as Southeast Asia where the vocational education market is booming."

As a common sense regarding the prospect of the AIGC industry is formed, it is predicted that more talents and funds will flood into the industry in the future, and the online education industry is also expected to ride with the tide of AIGC technology to usher in an industrial reform. In the future, more listed companies possessing online education data and experience will get involved and AI applications in the online education will become a normal state.

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