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MediaCastpro: the New 3-in-1 Marketplace for Video Producers

MediaCastpro is the new B2B marketplace to buy and sell stock, news and documentary footage on any topic and of any length.

GENOVA, ITALY, June 04, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The netMtech company is pleased to introduce mediaCastpro, the new online marketplace for buying and selling footage of any type and on any subject. This new platform is accessible only to professionals and companies working in the video production industry. Registered users can upload and sell videos with very few technical limitations, without the need for prior approval and by freely choosing their selling prices.

The marketplace is called 3-in-1 in that it allows users to buy and sell videos of 3 very different types: stock footage, news footage, and finished videos.

Stock videos are generic videos that can be used in a variety of contexts. These videos are often purchased by marketing agencies who need to make promotional videos, by blog or website owners to accompany pages or articles, or even by film producers who need B-roll clips. Stock videos also include 2D or 3D animations or green screen footage, which can be customized by the buyer by inserting logos, backgrounds, or products they want to advertise. To date, there are several platforms where you can buy and sell stock footage, but almost all of them are microstock agencies that have several limitations. For example, usually these agencies force buyers to take out paid subscriptions, whereas on mediaCastpro you only pay for what you buy, while still being able to take advantage of discounts when buying multiple videos. Typically, agencies choose which videos to accept and which not to accept and choose the selling prices themselves, while on mediaCastpro it is the sellers who choose which videos to offer for sale and what prices to set. Generally, agencies do not allow purchased videos to be broadcast on TV, except upon payment of an additional license fee, while videos purchased on mediaCastpro can be freely broadcast, in any medium, without restriction. In addition, agencies give sellers only a small portion of the revenue they get from selling footage, generally between 15% and 40%, while on mediaCastpro sellers get 70% to 75% of their footage sales. This, in addition to making the platform very fair, also means that footage can be found at lower prices than the competition. Despite being a very recently opened platform, there are already more than 120,000 stock videos on mediaCastpro, including those of Yuri Arcurs, the world's #1 stock photo and video producer, who wanted to put his faith in this new and innovative business model.

News videos are videos that depict news facts, events, trade shows, interviews or otherwise situations of public interest. These videos can be purchased by journalists, TV broadcasters, news agencies, and generally anyone involved in the news business. This footage could not be sold on the microstock agencies discussed for stock footage because of the heavy technical limitations imposed by these agencies and because of footage approval times that are often too long. There are some agencies on the web that specialize more in news footage, but these are usually platforms that still place heavy limitations. On mediaCastpro, on the other hand, video reporters can sell news footage without any problems and at the price they see fit. Uploaded footage is immediately available for purchase by journalists from all over the world. With mediaCastpro, video reporters can sell footage essentially directly, without having to rely on an agency to filter, rate, rank, and price video clips for them. In addition, on mediaCastpro it is also possible to sell footage exclusively to a single buyer. This way, the seller can ask for a higher price and the buyer is guaranteed to be the only one who can broadcast that footage. To make mediaCastpro an increasingly comprehensive platform for buying and selling news footage, the netMtech company is completing the creation of a second website, GoReporter, which will allow news videos to be collected from private citizens as well. In this way, on mediaCastpro it will be possible to find and buy not only footage made by professional video reporters, but also videos made by private citizens who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Finished videos are finished video productions ready to be broadcast to the public. An example of a finished video might be a documentary on a given topic, which includes several exclusive videos and interviews with industry figures. The platforms for selling stock and news footage are not usable for selling finished video productions such as documentaries, perhaps even more than an hour long. There are several reasons for this: agencies usually place limits on the maximum length of videos, do not allow buyers to have exclusives, and do not allow sellers to price their works fairly. On mediaCastpro, on the other hand, video producers can sell documentaries - and other video productions - up to 4 hours long, freely choosing selling prices and also being able to choose to sell exclusively to one buyer.

In conclusion, mediaCastpro wants to position itself as the platform for professionals where you can sell and buy videos of any type and length and on any topic.

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NetMtech is a software development company, based in Italy, that works primarily in the development of solutions for audiovisual production. The team includes web development professionals and video production professionals with more than a decade of experience.

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