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Leading Proxy Advisory Firm Glass Lewis Recommends that Aimco Stockholders Vote “FOR” Aimco’s Three Highly Qualified Director Nominees

Glass Lewis Notes That Neither of the Land & Buildings Nominees Will Be Additive or the Right Fit for Aimco’s Board and Recommends That Stockholders Do Not Vote for Land & Buildings’ Nominees

Apartment Investment and Management Company (NYSE: AIV) (“Aimco” or the “Company”) today announced that Glass Lewis & Co. (“Glass Lewis”), a leading independent proxy advisory firm, has recommended that Aimco stockholders vote “FOR” Aimco’s three highly qualified director nominees, Jay Paul Leupp, Michael A. Stein and R. Dary Stone, on the WHITE proxy card in advance of the Company’s December 16, 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders (“Annual Meeting”).

In its report dated December 1, 2022, Glass Lewis stated1:

“Based on our review and analysis, having evaluated the arguments made by L&B, Aimco's responses, and other considerations, we do not believe there is a compelling case to warrant board change at this time, nor do we believe L&B's nominees would be additive to the Aimco board. We find the Company's performance has been generally strong and its valuation broadly in-line with peers, particularly as of late. We believe current leadership deserves credit for the numerous actions it has taken related to Aimco's business, operations and corporate governance, which appear to have been the main drivers underlying Aimco's recent share price outperformance.”

“Moreover, we don't consider either L&B nominee to be particularly additive or the right fit for the Aimco board. And we would have serious misgivings about the board losing certain expertise and perspective that the incumbent directors possess under any of the alternative voting scenarios described above. Specifically, it appears both L&B nominees have a similar skill set and are meant to fulfill the same purpose on the Aimco board, which would seem to be to primarily assist with investor communications and capital allocation.”

On Aimco’s Performance:

“In our view, Aimco's share price outperformance and the narrowing of its NAV trading discount to peers… have been driven primarily by the actions taken by the current board and management team since the spin-off, as well as Aimco's operational execution and financial results, which for the most part appear to have given investors reason to believe in the Company's strategy, performance and management.”

“Thus, while we acknowledge Aimco's persistent discount to NAV, given that both developer and apartment REIT peers have also recently traded at significant discounts to NAV, this currently appears to be more of an industry-wide issue than an Aimco-specific problem, in our opinion.”

“Given the timing of Aimco's valuation gap narrowing (which we acknowledge partially overlaps with L&B's involvement and public campaign) and the consistency with which Aimco has recently traded with peers on a price-to-NAV basis, we do not believe recent trading activity can be attributed solely to investor "hope" stemming from the Dissident's campaign.”

“Still, L&B's narrative is largely refuted, in our view, by the fact that Aimco initially set out its strategy and objectives for investors more than a year ago, in October 2021, and has provided key updates for investors along the way, including in both February 2022 and June 2022, in addition to quarterly earnings releases.”

On the Strength of Aimco’s Incumbent Directors:

“Lastly, with respect to the incumbents who L&B is opposing this year, we take note of Mr. Stein's accounting, executive, and business separation experience, as well as his role as chairman of the investment committee currently leading the board's review of options to further enhance value, and Mr. Stone's real estate development experience and role as chairman of the governance committee, where he has demonstrated a responsiveness to investor concern by enacting a number of governance improvements. In our view, the expertise and experience of the incumbent directors up for re-election this year remains crucial to Aimco's progress and forward plan.”

“Based on our meeting with Mr. Leupp and other Aimco board members, we believe he and the board are committed to further enhancing Aimco's investor relations and communications. And the board appears well equipped to do so, in our view, given Mr. Leupp's experience and perspective.”

“Although L&B has called out Mr. Stone, as chairman of Aimco's governance committee, for not pressing for the immediate de-staggering of the board or other governance improvements earlier, the fact that he and the board have since shown responsiveness to investor feedback by adopting various governance reforms (as detailed above) suggests to us that Mr. Stone is more likely part of the solution than any ongoing problems on the Aimco board.”

“We also find Aimco's investor relations and capital allocation – primary complaints of the Dissident and the areas where its nominees would presumably make their biggest contributions - to already be in capable hands and not nearly as lacking as L&B has alleged, significantly undercutting the candidacies of L&B's nominees, in our view.”

On Land & Buildings’ Nominees:

“On the other hand, the first of L&B's nominees, Ms. Applebaum, comes from a background in the steel industry, first as an analyst and then a director, with no relevant real estate or REIT experience. We also note she is a perennial L&B nominee, having been nominated by the investor in three prior instances yet never elected by shareholders or otherwise appointed to those boards.”

“While Mr. Sullivan's experience seems much more suited for Aimco, we consider it is also largely duplicative by virtue of Mr. Leupp's presence on the Aimco board, who has significant real estate and REIT experience from an investor perspective, as well as additional, current board experience at another public REIT. Given this would be Mr. Sullivan's first public company directorship (which is not a disqualifying factor on its own, in our view) and considering his perspective is largely replicated by Mr. Leupp and the Company's ongoing advisory relationship with Green Street, where Mr. Sullivan previously led the advisory practice, we see a reduced need for his perspective at this time.”

Commenting on the Glass Lewis recommendation, Aimco issued the following statement:

We are pleased that Glass Lewis supports the reelection of all three of Aimco’s highly qualified director nominees.

Glass Lewis clearly recognizes that Aimco has the right Board and the right strategy to continue enhancing value for stockholders. Its recommendation reaffirms the Board’s unanimous conclusion that electing Land & Buildings’ slate of dissident director nominees would not be additive and would remove expertise from the New Aimco Board that is critical to the Company’s success.

We strongly urge stockholders to follow Glass Lewis’s recommendation and vote “FOR” the Company’s three highly qualified directors: Jay Paul Leupp, Michael A. Stein and R. Dary Stone on the WHITE proxy card.

Aimco reminds stockholders that their vote is extremely important, no matter how many or how few shares they own. The Company strongly recommends that stockholders vote “FOR” the Company’s three highly qualified directors: Jay Paul Leupp, Michael A. Stein and R. Dary Stone.

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