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Calidi Biotherapeutics Presents Promising Pre-Clinical Data from SuperNova-1 (SNV1), a Novel Oncolytic-Cell Based Platform, at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s 37th Annual Meeting (SITC 2022)

Calidi Biotherapeutics, Inc. (Calidi), a clinical-stage biotechnology company that is pioneering allogeneic cell-based platforms to revolutionize oncolytic virus therapies, today announced the presentation of new pre-clinical data from the company’s SuperNova-1 (SNV1) platform at the upcoming Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 37th Annual Meeting, taking place in Boston, Massachusetts and virtually, November 8-12, 2022.

SNV1 is composed of adipose tissue-derived allogeneic stem cells (AD-MSC) loaded with tumor selective CAL1 oncolytic vaccinia virus that is designed to overcome multiple innate and adaptive immune barriers that restrict traditional oncolytic virotherapies. Early Calidi research has shown the potential ability of the SNV1 platform to shield the viral payload from the immune system, supporting efficient delivery to tumor sites and effectively potentiating oncolytic viruses’ therapeutic efficacy.

The poster presentation details the evaluation of SNV1 in multiple tumor-bearing mouse models, where SNV1 was tested for its ability to resist humoral immune-mediated inactivation in cell culture. Additionally, following either single or three dose regimens, tumor growth inhibition of multiple human xenografts and murine syngeneic models was examined. The study also investiagted the molecular signature associated with the infection of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) with the oncolytic virus CAL1 by RNA sequencing.

“These incremental data validate our belief in the potential of SNV1 and the use of stem cells as a delivery and potentiation platform for oncolytic viruses,” said Antonio F. Santidrian, Ph.D., SVP, Global Head of R&D of Calidi Biotherapeutics. “Through the demonstration of tumor growth inhibition across multiple pre-clinical models as well as the ability to overcome rapid inactivation by the immune system, we believe SNV1 can revolutionize the use of oncolytic virotherapy to treat a broad range of cancers and look forward to advancing this promising asset into the clinic.”

Key highlights from the poster presentation are below:

  • The SNV1 stem cell-based platform protects and potentiates oncolytic vaccinia virus by circumventing humoral innate and adaptive immune barriers, resulting in enhanced anticancer effects in tumor-bearing mouse models.
  • SNV1 provided instantly active viral particles for immediate infection in the injected tumors, transforming the tumor environment from “cold” to “hot” locally and systemically, and leading to significant tumor growth inhibitions in multiple human and mouse tumor models.
  • Repeated intratumoral administrations of SNV1 inhibited treated as well as distant untreated tumors. These effects were also associated with a significant increase of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in both treated and untreated tumors.
  • RNA sequenced genome wide analysis provided insights into the valuable role of stem cells in the immuno therapeutic MOA of SNV1.

Full details for the upcoming poster presentation are below:

Title: SuperNova1 (SNV1), a novel oncolytic-cell based platform for cancer therapy

Abstract ID: 1137

Location: Poster Hall C

Date: November 10, 2022, 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET

Presenters: Duong H. Nguyen, Ph.D., Director of Translational Research and Innovation, and Antonio F. Santidrian, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Global Head of Research and Development

About Calidi Biotherapeutics

Calidi Biotherapeutics is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company with proprietary technology that is revolutionizing the effective delivery and potentiation of oncolytic viruses for targeted therapy against difficult-to-treat cancers. Calidi Biotherapeutics is advancing a potent allogeneic stem cell and oncolytic virus combination for use in multiple oncology indications. Calidi’s off-the-shelf, universal cell-based delivery platforms are designed to protect, amplify, and potentiate oncolytic viruses currently in development leading to enhanced efficacy and improved patient safety. Calidi Biotherapeutics is headquartered in La Jolla, California. For more information, please visit


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