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Saqib Dareshani: The CEO Giving Influencers and Online Professionals an App to Call Their Own

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2021 / Social media has revolutionized the way we market ourselves. Now, more than ever, engagement, content and reach are indispensable aspects of the huge influencer and online professional boom we are experiencing today. There are loads of talented people in the world looking to establish themselves online, and they know better than anyone else that businesses and brands rise and fall based on the numbers they pull in on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The problem is, as Saqib Dareshani puts it, influencers and online professionals can never hope to really reach or engage a hundred percent of their target market on these platforms because of how the platforms work. Luckily, he's come up with the solution to help influencers and online professionals engage 100% of their community of fans, clients and subscribers with their posts and content:


Saqib Dareshani is the CEO of and an app developer by trade, who has worked on over 500 apps with a whopping 65 million downloads for business. In 2014, a coach colleague of Saqib's complained that not only were 90% of his followers not seeing his content, but his competitors' content was actually being featured prominently on his follower's feeds. The CEO took note and during his time creating apps he "noticed the businesses' posts on social media were reaching only 10% of their followers and their data was getting sold off to third parties." Saqib realized that online businesses like his own needed a system that worked for them, not against them. He filed a patent for such a system, and in June 2019, had its soft launch. allows budding, established, or highly successful influencers or online professionals to create their own app, gather their community there, and own their own data. The app creation process itself is simple, and all the "heavy lifting" is left in the capable hands of Saqib and Clients simply need to submit a logo design, app name, and login screen image to get their very own app within a day. Saqib notes that running your own app may put some influencers and professionals off due to its perceived difficulty, perhaps from some experience with other app builders, but the CEO of posits that their patented system makes it possible to customize apps on the fly and with minimal difficulty, even when it's live.

Right now, boasts an impressive growth of 30% per month in the past year, with plans to grow 115 times that in the next 5 years. Their current roster includes two influencers with 500k+ followers and a dozen companies coming on, including the long-established software company Intuit. Saqib explains that the secret to their success is the company's focus on helping their clients get more revenue and reach more of their market, using an app that's customized to work for them. Because of their dedication to providing a versatile, easy to use and rewarding platform for influencers and professionals, offers service packages ranging from a simple starter package to an enterprise package with your own dedicated app team. Additional services they offer include content creation and quiz game creation, to keep things fresh.

When asked what sets apart from their competitors, Saqib explains "We are here on a mission to empower business owners and bring the power back to the people in terms of owning their data and community. This is a lifelong mission and it's our promise to work with our clients if they make a sincere effort. Our competitors don't have this mission statement - they just sell apps that are not scalable - that's it." To sum it up, Saqib declares that "We take care of the tech so you don't have to."

In any business, reaching and keeping your clientele is of unparalleled importance. Relying solely on social media apps is a good way to get your valuable data sold off, and your community shepherded off to your competitors. With, Saqib is giving influencers and online professionals the opportunity to easily, and with support, forge their own online platform and stay king of the hill. This will be the app to call your own.

To learn more about Saqib Dareshani,, and how you can get your very own custom app up and running within just a few hours, contact:
Saqib Dareshani
(613) 668-5200

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