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How To Write A Summary For A Press Release And Why It Is Important

Understanding how to create a press release summary is an important piece of the jigsaw when it comes to creating press releases. A compelling press release summary can influence whether or not you receive media coverage.

What is a summary of a press release?
A press release summary is a brief overview of what the reader may expect from your news release.

Note: If you utilize a press release delivery service, you can enter a press release summary in an open text area.

Consider the summary of a press release to be an overview.

It provides the reader with essential facts that...

  • Supports the headline of the press release
  • Shares additional information to enhance the intrigue
  • And/or confirms the subject of the news release.

Where can you find a summary of a press release?
A press release summary is located between the title and the main body. It is frequently shown in the Media Room interface.

A combination of a captivating headline and an appetizing summary will:

  • Aid readers in comprehending the news release's content and pique their interest in reading further.
  • Sometimes, the headline and summary will appear in search results. If you want your press release to be read and shared, it must stand out from the hundreds published daily.

Don't forget! The summary also shows as the text under the link on search engine results pages.

How to Write a Press Release Summary
Five steps are involved if you are still wondering how to compose a press release summary.

  • Support the title of the news release
  • Provide further details
  • Leverage keywords
  • Emphasise newsworthiness
  • Pique interest

Support the news release headline

"Bachelors Flood Cape Town's Beaches"

At first glance, it may appear like a bunch of single guys searching for love has swamped a Cape Town beach.

However, the term bachelor has multiple connotations, including:

  • A man who is unmarried.
  • The recipient of a bachelor's degree.
  • A fur seal, especially a young male, is excluded from breeding grounds by older males.

If this were the title of your press release, you would need to offer additional information to convey the precise meaning.

Provide further details
For example, your summary may read as follows to give clarity and context:

"Now that mating season has started, the popular seal colony in False Bay, opposite Seal Island, is being invaded by a record number of eager young males. Their abrasive behavior towards one another could pose a threat to beachgoers."

Leverage keywords
As our example demonstrates, the same word can have distinct meanings in numerous sectors and businesses.

Consequently, you must include keywords and context in your summary.

In the title, the keywords seal, males, mating season, aggressive behavior, and beachgoers provide context for the concept of bachelor. It also carries the significance of the news story: to warn visitors of what to avoid.

Emphasise newsworthiness
Consider the following question...
Why should someone be interested in this subject?

If you cannot answer this question, it is time to return to the drawing board.

The newsworthiness of your press release is a key factor in its success. Your material should provide a reason for readers to care. And your summary should reflect this as well.

It is clear from the summary that seals constitute a threat. Therefore, anyone contemplating a trip there should reconsider or use extreme caution.

Pique Interest
The summary should be written last, not first.

After you've produced your press release, you'll be able to identify precisely what you covered. Use this information to summarise the press release briefly.

By reserving the conclusion for last, you will avoid presenting additional information.

Keep in mind that you're attempting to grab the reader's attention. To stand out in a congested news cycle, adhere to the facts while injecting intrigue.

Contact us immediately to chat with one of our  PR Strategists about the importance of press release distribution and how to create a news release summary.

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