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Cocaine Stays in the Body a While, Warns Rehab

Tampa, FL - Tranquil Shores is a local rehab educating on how long cocaine stays in the system. Their program highlights the benefits of individual treatment and how the client deserves attention. With a client-to-therapist ratio of 3:1, they ensure all clients receive the treatment they deserve.

“Cocaine is a relatively fast substance for the body to process. Derived from the coca plant, the effects of cocaine typically last 15-30 minutes. The half-life of cocaine is only 1-2 hours, meaning half of the substance has left the body after that time. However, certain cocaine metabolites have a half-life of 9-10 hours, meaning even if it feels like cocaine has left the system, there may still be remnants,” the article reads.

When cocaine is used, the immediate effects can be felt instantly or up to 15 minutes later. This depends on the way it is ingested. The person will feel an intense rush of pleasure, followed by extreme bouts of energy, hypersensitivity to sight and sound, paranoia with increased distrust of others, mood swings such as happiness or irritability, and decreased appetite. Paranoia and mood swings can happen after the first use of cocaine, but typically come with normal use.

Cocaine dependence can last as long as the person keeps using it. It does not matter if they have been using for 6 months or 20 years, dependence can continue even when the person wants to stop. The main reason for this is cocaine withdrawal symptoms. When the body goes without cocaine, the brain attempts to restore balance. This leads to increased depression and anxiety as well as physical discomfort, known as withdrawal.

“The length of time cocaine can be detected varies by the type of drug test. For urine screens, the test detects the cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine. Even after just one use, benzoylecgonine can be detected in urine for around 2-3 days. Saliva tests can detect cocaine metabolites only 1-2 days after use. Blood tests can detect cocaine for around 12 hours but can detect benzoylecgonine for roughly 48 hours after the last use. Finally, hair follicle tests can detect cocaine for around 3 months after the last use.

Depending on why you are getting a drug screen will tell you the type of test you will be getting. For most jobs and legal situations such as probation, a urine screen will be used because it is the most cost-effective and noninvasive. Blood tests can be used in legal instances such as a suspected DUI, but they are not used often as they require a trained professional and are invasive. Hair follicle tests can be used to determine long-term abstinence from cocaine use,” the article continues.

There are factors that can affect how long cocaine remains in the system. These can include body fat percentage, amount of cocaine being used, how long the person has used, the purity of the cocaine, and mixing cocaine with other substances. There are no ways to get cocaine out of the system faster. Staying hydrated and cocaine-free can help the body process stored cocaine, but the detox process itself cannot be sped up.

Tranquil Shores is a leading provider of addiction treatment in the Tampa area. They offer many programs and have specific treatment options for executives, athletes, artists, medical professionals, and military personnel. Located directly on the beach, Tranquil Shores provides a peaceful atmosphere that promotes healing from addiction.

To learn more about Tranquil Shores, call 727-391-7001 or visit their website.


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