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IZEA Report Finds 55% of Social Media Users Have Made Influencer-Driven Purchases on Amazon

ORLANDO, Fla., April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of technology, data, and services for the Creator Economy, released the United States edition of its research report, “Influencers & Amazon 2024” today. The report is based on U.S. consumer sentiment and examines the effectiveness of influencer marketing on purchasing behavior and its impact on products sold on Amazon.

The survey found that 59% of social media users surveyed have purchased a product after seeing it used by an influencer, and 94% of those consumers have made influencer-inspired purchases on Amazon. Additionally, consumers who make purchases based on influencer recommendations are 2.4 times more likely to purchase on Amazon than any other website.

"Our research underscores the substantial impact influencers have on Amazon shopping experiences. With 92% of influencers recommending Amazon products to others and 91% making purchases based on fellow influencer recommendations, influencers significantly sway consumer behavior on Amazon,” said Ted Murphy, IZEA’s CEO and founder. “Influencers frequently shop on Amazon themselves and play a pivotal role in influencing broader shopping patterns through their reviews and recommendations. They guide their followers' decisions, with 94% of those surveyed making influencer-inspired purchases on Amazon. This impact demonstrates the critical role influencers play in amplifying consumer trust and decision-making on the platform."

Insights on Amazon Consumer Behavior

  • 80% of social media users are Amazon Prime members.
  • Over 51% of those ages 45-60 shop on Amazon at least once per week.
  • 63% of weekly Amazon shoppers are likely to search on social media before making a purchase.
  • 67% of 18-to-29-year-olds indicate that video content influences their Amazon purchasing decisions.

Insights on How Influencers Drive Amazon Sales

  • 59% of social media users say they have purchased a product after seeing it used by an influencer.
  • 94% of those who make influencer-inspired purchases say they have made such purchases on Amazon.
  • Those who make purchases based on influencer recommendations are at least 7.6 times more likely to make purchases on Amazon than on other websites.
  • 76% of those ages 45-60 are most likely to turn to Amazon to make influencer-inspired purchases.

Insights on Influencers as Consumers

  • 86% of influencers say they are the primary shopper in their household.
  • 89% of influencers are Amazon Prime members.
  • Influencers are 2.1 times more likely to purchase products on Amazon more than once per week vs. other social media users.

Insights on How Influencers Impact Other Influencers

  • 83% of influencers are “likely” to “very likely” to search on social media before making a purchase.
  • 91% of influencers say they have purchased a product after seeing it used by another influencer.
  • 92% of influencers say they have recommended a product purchased on Amazon to someone else.
  • 92% of influencers have left a positive product review on Amazon.

Results from the study are based on the responses from 1,280 U.S. social media users over the age of 18. The survey was conducted in March 2024.

Download the report for free here: Influencers & Amazon 2024.

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