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ENDRA Life Sciences Bolsters TAEUS® System Intellectual Property with New Patents in U.S., China and Europe

Global Intellectual Property Portfolio Expands to 74 Issued Patents

ENDRA Life Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: NDRA), a pioneer of Thermo Acoustic Enhanced UltraSound (TAEUS®), announces the issuance of three new patents, including one in the U.S., one in China and one in Europe. ENDRA’s intellectual property portfolio now includes 74 issued patents worldwide providing protection for the TAEUS system with its novel thermoacoustic technology.

These patents protect novel innovations integral to the TAEUS system, ensuring maximum radiofrequency energy absorption, minimized signal noise and precise temperature monitoring during surgical procedures and thermal ablation. With the ability to accurately monitor temperature changes during thermal therapies, clinicians can, for example, optimize treatment parameters to minimize damage to healthy tissue while effectively targeting cancerous cells, leading to better therapeutic outcomes and reduced side effects.

“We are proud of our growing patent estate, which is particularly impressive for a company of our size. These newly issued patents reinforce ENDRA's commitment to advancing state-of-the-art thermoacoustic systems, and expand the horizons for our novel TAEUS® technology to address unmet clinical needs," commented ENDRA's Chief Technology Officer Michael Thornton. "We remain committed to fortifying our intellectual property to safeguard our technology in key global markets, deploying a robust portfolio that now encompasses 74 granted patents."

The following three patents were issued:

  • U.S. Patent No. 11844650 (the ‘650 patent), titled “Thermoacoustic Measurement Probe,” protects a novel sleeve-type structural configuration for TAEUS that maximizes radiofrequency energy absorption and the corresponding thermoacoustic signal strength. The sleeve-type configuration also minimizes signal noise to provide a clearer thermoacoustic signal. Embodiments cited in the ‘650 patent utilize a plurality of radiofrequency feeds that enable signal polarization and lead to a clearer thermoacoustic measurement.
  • Chinese Patent No. ZL2021800757024 (the ‘024 patent), titled “Thermal Ablation System with Integrated Thermoacoustic Temperature Measurement,” relates to the TAEUS system determining temperature at a specific location in the human body. For example, the ‘024 patent protects a system designed to monitor temperature during thermal ablation for overheating to avoid destroying healthy tissue and underheating to mitigate not destroying targeted cancerous tumor cells.
  • European Patent No. EP3902490, titled “Method and System for Monitoring Tissue Temperature,” relates to a novel method with the TAEUS system for monitoring tissue temperature during surgical procedures, such as thermotherapy and cryotherapy.

About ENDRA Life Sciences Inc.

ENDRA Life Sciences is the pioneer of Thermo Acoustic Enhanced UltraSound (TAEUS®), a ground-breaking technology, which characterizes tissue like MRI, but at 1/50th the cost and at the point of patient care. TAEUS® is designed to work in concert with over 700,000 ultrasound systems in use globally today. TAEUS® is initially focused on the measurement of fat in the liver as a means to assess and monitor Steatotic Liver Disease (SLD) (formerly known as NAFLD-NASH), a chronic liver spectrum that affects over two billion people globally, and for which there are no practical diagnostic tools. Beyond the liver, ENDRA is exploring several other clinical applications of TAEUS®, including visualization of tissue temperature during energy-based surgical procedures. For more information, please visit

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