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Nexalin Technology and VolitionRX Interviews to Air on the RedChip Small Stocks, Big Money(TM) Show on Bloomberg TV

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2024 / RedChip Companies will air interviews with Nexalin Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:NXL) ("Nexalin") and VolitionRX Limited (NYSE American:VNRX) ("Volition") on the RedChip Small Stocks, Big Money™ show, a sponsored program on Bloomberg TV, this Saturday, June 15, at 7 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). Bloomberg TV is available in an estimated 73 million homes across the U.S.

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In an exclusive interview, Mark White, CEO of Nexalin, appears on the RedChip Small Stocks Big Money™ show on Bloomberg TV to provide a corporate update. Nexalin stands at the forefront of the mental health treatment revolution with its cutting-edge, non-invasive neurostimulation technology. By focusing on deep brain stimulation, Nexalin's devices, particularly the advanced Gen-3 HALO™ Clarity, offer a groundbreaking alternative to traditional pharmacological treatments. This technology has shown clinically meaningful improvements in treating conditions such as insomnia, PTSD, and traumatic brain injuries-conditions that affect millions but have limited effective treatments-positioning Nexalin as an emerging leader in a market poised for substantial growth, projected to reach $537 billion by 2030.

Cameron Reynolds, President and CEO of Volition, appears on the RedChip Small Stocks, Big Money™ show on Bloomberg TV to provide a corporate update. Volition employs an innovative approach to diagnostics through epigenetic markers, targeting significant global health challenges such as cancer and sepsis. Leveraging a robust intellectual property portfolio with 85 patents granted and 131 pending, Volition develops simple, low-cost blood tests adaptable to various diagnostic workflows. The company aims to achieve cash flow neutrality by 2025 through non-dilutive funding, revenue growth, milestone payments from out-licensing, and cost reduction measures targeting $10 million in annualized savings. Volition anticipates accelerated revenue from the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test, following key launches by Antech Diagnostics and Fujifilm Vet Systems. With a strategy to monetize intellectual property through licensing agreements, Volition is poised for significant milestone payments and ongoing royalties, driving continued growth in both human and veterinary health sectors.

About Nexalin Technology, Inc.

Nexalin designs and develops innovative neurostimulation products to uniquely help combat the ongoing global mental health epidemic. All of Nexalin's products are believed to be non-invasive and undetectable to the human body and developed to provide relief to those afflicted with mental health issues. Nexalin utilizes bioelectronic medical technology to treat mental health issues. Nexalin believes its neurostimulation medical devices can penetrate structures deep in the mid-brain that are associated with mental health disorders. Nexalin believes the deeper penetrating waveform in its next-generation devices will generate enhanced patient response without any adverse side effects. The Nexalin Gen-2 15 milliamp neurostimulation device was recently approved in Oman and China. Additional information about the Company is available at:

About Volition

Volition is a multi-national company focused on advancing the science of epigenetics. Volition is dedicated to saving lives and improving outcomes for people and animals with life-altering diseases through earlier detection, as well as disease and treatment monitoring.

Through its subsidiaries, Volition is developing and commercializing simple, easy to use, cost-effective blood tests to help diagnose and monitor a range of diseases, including some cancers and diseases associated with NETosis, such as sepsis. Early diagnosis and monitoring have the potential not only to prolong the life of patients, but also improve their quality of life.

Volition's research and development activities are centered in Belgium, with an innovation laboratory and office in the U.S. and additional offices in London and Singapore.

About RedChip Companies

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