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Congress COVID Cover-up Conceals HIV/AIDS Mutation 'Gain-of-Function' Says Expert

World Leading Lab Virus Whistleblower Exposes Co-Conspirators' Motive

LAS VEGAS, NV, June 03, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The U.S. Congress' Select Committee on Coronavirus set to interrogate Dr. Anthony Fauci on the COVID-coverup and pandemic's lab origin will not address the primary motive for the fraud, concealment, and conspiracy, according to, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, the world's leading authority in this field, and author of the top-rated Amazon/Kindle book, "COVID COUP: The Rise of the Fourth Reich."

According to Dr. Horowitz, five 'smoking guns' are obviously exposed by reviewing Dr. Fauci's e-mails, 'inner circle' correspondence, and obvious panic the weekend of January 31, 2020 to February 2, 2020, when the Director of the NIH's National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) urgently organized "damage control" over published science proving COVID-19's lab creation contained HIV/AIDS genes as the primary 'gain-of-function' infection trigger for the bioweapon.

In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, February 1, 2020, Fauci sent an urgent "house-is-on-fire e-mail" to his top deputy, Hugh Auchencloss, to begin the damage control campaign against scientific evidence that the NIH had funded the development of the AIDS virus attachment (spike protein antigen) gain-of-function bioweaponization of the SARS bat mutant virus in Wuhan, China. Fauci's comrades, heavily invested in the advancing mRNA vaccines, panicked. Their Big Pharma enterprise cover-up was co-officiated by Jeremy 'James' Farrar of the UK's Wellcome Trust, that heavily financed the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vaccine. (See screenshot insert from

Harvard Medical School Dean George Q. Daley is also implicated through his oversight of the FBI-indicted Chinese espionage agent, Harvard Chemistry Department Chairman, Charles Lieber. The implicated Dean wrote Fauci to "coordinate" the cover-up in favor of Chinese biotech investors he was hosting at Harvard at that time.

"No one has the guts to honestly reveal these facts," said Dr. Horowitz who has been diagnosed with a bone marrow cancer his research shows is linked to the COVID bioweapon. "People are dying of this 'political correctness,' censorship, and fraudulent concealment of scientific facts. Based on AIDS research biotechnology, this "gain-of-function" is still spreading and killing millions."

Critics argue government officials have censored these facts in favor of campaign financing from complicit drug companies. Others says they are defending "public health" by avoiding mention and panic over AIDS genes sickening people.

"Regardless of how you look at it or defend the concealments," Dr. Horowitz explains, "the outcomes are devastating, criminal, and genocidal."

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