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SmallBiz Virtual Summit Podcast Welcomes Renowned M&A Expert Jonathan “JB” Brown

The SmallBiz Virtual Summit podcast, hosted by Ken Massa and Chuck Boyce, is thrilled to welcome renowned mergers and acquisitions expert Jonathan “JB” Brown as the featured guest. In this insightful episode, JB shares his extensive knowledge and experiences navigating the complex world of business exits and acquisitions.

“JB’s expertise in this area is truly invaluable,” said Ken Massa. “He has an incredible depth of understanding when it comes to helping business owners prepare for a successful exit, whether that means selling their business or simply removing themselves from the day-to-day operations.”

During the episode, JB delves into the nuanced meaning of “exit” and how it can encompass more than just the sale of a business. He emphasizes the importance of understanding your personal motivations and goals, as well as your business’s unique characteristics when considering an exit strategy.

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“A lot of entrepreneurs think that exiting their business means simply selling it off,” said JB. “But what we’ve found is that for many of our clients, the real need is to remove themselves as the bottleneck in their business and enjoy a better quality of life, without necessarily having to sell the entire operation.”

JB also shares insights on the critical steps business owners should take to prepare for a potential acquisition or exit, including the importance of understanding your financials, customer acquisition costs, and overhead. Additionally, he highlights the value of having a neutral third-party advisor to navigate the often emotional process of selling a business.

“The role of an intermediary is so much more than just facilitating the transaction,” said JB. “They can be the ‘adult in the room,’ helping to manage the emotions and protect the long-term relationship between the buyer and seller, even if there are contentious moments during the negotiation.”

Whether you’re a business owner considering an exit, or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to acquire a company, this episode of the SmallBiz Virtual Summit podcast is a must-listen. Tune in to discover the secrets to a seamless business exit and acquisition strategy.
The SmallBiz Virtual Summit podcast is available on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. To listen to the full episode featuring Jonathan “JB” Brown, visit

About JB Brown

JB Brown is a Professional Problem Solver. Regardless of industry or type of business, JB understands that businesses are about the “who” – not the “what.” Who are the people to put in place? Who are the customers? What does the business owner want – to reclaim their life? An exit strategy? A partner?

Many business consultants understand what it takes to get businesses to $5-$15 million in revenue; JB has the skill set and experience to take you from that level, to $100-200 million. He has sold over a billion dollars in products and services, brokered over $200 million in businesses, and continues to provide valuable consultation to hundreds of companies across various sectors – companies such as Boston Scientific, Intuitive Surgical, and Agora Financial. His wealth of knowledge and experience have earned him a reputation as a billion-dollar business powerhouse and industry thought leader.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, JB appears regularly on news programs, television shows, and podcasts, speaking on everything from business growth strategies, buying and selling businesses, financial trends, and conflict resolution. He is also a motivational speaker and can also speak to leadership development – whether in business, family, or marriage.

By identifying the traps that limit and restrict business growth, and adapting proven success concepts to your specific needs, JB shows clients how to create a powerful, predictable, and repeatable advantage over the competition – while giving business owners the life they want.

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