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5 Best Ways to Help Children Improve Handwriting Skills

As education drastically experiences a paradigm shift towards digital technology, more and more children experience difficulty in writing properly. Gadgets become readily available and have become a more preferred platform of instruction in most households. Because of this, children are provided with little opportunity and have become less interested in honing their handwriting skills.

For children who are yet to write a decent set of letters, writing is truly much more complicated than it looks. The task itself is a complex process which involves an intricate coordination of various parts of the body. In-hand manipulation, visual perception, motor control, and hand-eye coordination are just some of the many skills every child must muster in learning to write.

Because of the complexity of the task, teachers have developed and implemented a variety of pedagogical strategies to guide their students in learning proper handwriting skills. Encouraging your child to work on these preschool pdf writing worksheets can be a good start. Pay attention to interactive worksheets version to practice writing skills online.

Apply a variety of handwriting techniques

Before anything else, make sure that your child does not feel pressured before you start introducing a plethora of handwriting techniques. Bear in mind that the preschooler’s journey of learning to write is much more difficult than those in higher years who are just trying to improve their penmanship.

First and foremost, your child needs to establish a firm finger and thumb grip. To do this, you need to provide him/her the right tools to practice and this includes chunky crayons and jumbo-sized pencils. Proper pacing and tracing are effective strategies in helping a child learn to write. Along with other writing techniques, be sure to be patient and take enough time in guiding the child while explaining each technique at the same time.

Visual-motor integration

For preschoolers who are still working their way to their first letters, visual-motor is that certain skill that still needs to be built on from the ground up. However, this doesn’t pose much of a problem since there are many ways to harness visual-motor integration of a child. These include preschool games such as completing mazes and puzzles, connecting the dots, and stacking blocks. You can also improve their visual-motor skills by letting them do some home chores like pouring drinking water from one container to another.

Enhancing fine motor skills

In writing, it is very crucial for your child to be able to control his small muscles in his fingers and wrists. Fine motor skills can be significantly improved in fun ways. You can have him or her build a miniature city through building blocks or mold an animal through Play-doh and clay. There are also fun home chores that you can trust your child with that can tone those fine motor skills such as folding clothes, cutting papers, and opening bottles.

Balance and Focus

What most parents don’t know is that balance is a crucial factor in a child’s development. Balance paves way for attention, focus, and learning. And in writing, focus is very important to allow their minds to establish consistent connection with the rest of the body. The sensory system responsible for the child’s sense of balance and movement is the vestibular system. An underdeveloped vestibular system causes disconnection between a child’s mind and body which inhibits his / her ability to stay calm and focused during instruction. There are lots of fun ways to improve your child’s vestibular system and these include playing Ring Around the Rosy, hanging out on a tire swing, doing a handstand against the wall, and many others.

Touch senses and the muscle memory

Tactile sensory stimulation assists in the development of proper writing behavior through muscle memory. Have your child write letters and numbers on a plate or bin filled with fine grains such as sugar, rice, and salt.

Apart from the techniques listed above, there are lots of other fun ways to help your child improve his or her handwriting skills such as these preschool games that we have at Kids Academy.

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