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After BTCP's Hot Launch, CoinBank(CBK) Is Coming Soon!

After BTCP completed the launch of 21 exchanges with a rise of 31509100.00%, CBK is coming!
CBK is issued by Global Blockchain Digital Currency Bank Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Global Digital Currency Bank). Global Digital Currency Bank is a virtual bank focused on digital currency related digital financial services. Based on the advantages of innate global integration, it is the world's first digital currency bank. Global Digital Currency Bank is committed to building a global digital currency center in the world, and building a stable digital currency financial ecosystem in the new financial era of blockchain.
After five months of development, the CoinBank(CBK) has more than 80,000 active nodes, and will soon complete the chain reform on the exchange. It will be the first time to launch on the GLOBALEX Exchange and A.TOP Exchange!
As a digital currency contract asset management platform issued under the distributed data system of the global digital currency bank, the CoinBank consists of a strong core technical team, a capital management team and a quantitative trading team as the guaranteed multi-currency storage platform. CoinBank uses blockchain high-frequency trading technology to provide a stable investment direction to achieve maximum asset security, investment freedom and profit maximization. To provide the majority of users with asset doubling while further strengthening the circulation and appreciation of CBK in the secondary market. Provide users with a safe and reliable, one-stop management digital currency service platform.
The asset contract of CoinBank(CBK) is widely known. By combining three major trading strategies: high-frequency trading, hedging trading, and quantitative trading, a three-in-one “Never Lose Algorithm” is created. As a digital asset value-added management platform, it provides diverse, zero-risk, high-yield financial management methods while guaranteeing the security of virtual assets for the majority of users.
The well-known "Never Lose Algorithm" is a complete trading system created by the World Union Platform's CoinBank team for many years in the digital currency industry and after numerous examples of verification. Use high-frequency trading (very high-frequency trading methods, usually the trading interval is calculated in milliseconds), hedging trading (also known as arbitrage trading, through hedging of futures and spot, while observing the market trend and arbitrage while maintaining value), quantify trading (the use of advanced mathematical models to replace human subjective judgments greatly reduces investment risks.) The trading strategy of the Trinity combines years of experience, and after careful parameter adjustment, it is a "never lose" trading strategy. Through the financial package selected by the user, through the trading robot in the digital currency market, the transaction program is continuously operated 24 hours a day to realize the multiplication of the user's digital assets. Since the launch of the currency reserve bank, no user has suffered a loss, which can be described as "no loss".
At the same time, CBK 2.0 is about to open a panoramic payment service to support CBK settlement payments on platforms such as Ctrip, Tuniu, iQiyi, Youku, Unicom, Telecom, Mobile, and Sinopec. Node users can use CBK 2.0 APP to pay for CBK to purchase scheduled air tickets, train tickets, hotels, phone bill recharge, refueling card recharge, video member recharge, and national car wash service, to achieve the official landing of the comprehensive scene.
The Genesis blockchain composed of 50 million CBK is now in place, marking the official launch of CBK and the opening of a new contract computing power mining system. CBK has attracted much attention and is expected to become a dark horse this year. Stay tuned!
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