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Binsera's The Ultimate Patient Data Tracker system offers Cloud based Smart EHR and cloud RIS

By: Issuewire
Patient Data Tracker saves and money

Cloud EHR and advanced Radiology Information system

Beverly Hills, California Nov 2, 2023 ( - The medical sector has always been one of the priorities for an individual as well as a nation for public health care and safety. Binsera Corporation is bringing a change in the field with its Smart EHR system that helps to gain more efficiency while handling patient demands. It is the ultimate AI-based software that can streamline healthcare processes with advanced technology that provides everything under a common shade. This latest software is particularly helpful for medical needs as it offers a fully automated, smart, and complete patient data tracking system.

This cloud-based system can help to track and monitor not only patients but also Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, and Physical Therapy, along with an Automated smart contract system that enables faster processing of insurance claims. Partnering up with Binsera will offer a handful of benefits as this business venture will focus on delivering a user-friendly, feature-rich, and customizable software platform that meets the specific needs of healthcare providers. EHR provides a cloud computing environment that is highly accessible, easy to use, and helpful for everyone. Due to its compatibility, the EHR system can accessed from anywhere and anytime with the help of the internet and any device whether a smartphone or a laptop. Bringing convenience with an online cloud-based system; this platform can offer medical convenience in remote areas as well.

The long-lasting impacts of the global pandemic ensured the urgency and requirement of a Patient-Centered EHR system where the patient can manage all kinds of medical activities under a common shade. Different activities like appointments, viewing, Print, or sharing their medical records, setting follow-up reminders, medication alerts, Vital Information and Charts, No touching QR code to confirm appointments when they reach the facility, etc to manage all of their personal, social and medical related information including lab results on the patient dashboard. Understanding the need, Binsera started back in 2020 and it took more than 3 years to come up with software that can take care of everything. They are now fully equipped with Web applications, Native Mobile apps as well and Progressive web apps where anyone can install the app on any device just from a browser and no need to go to any app store. Such a simple, convenient, and helpful innovation is certainly capable of changing the digital landscape in the medical sector.

The software is capable of covering all the providers in healthcare while solving two major pain joints of the users. Firstly, the individuals are the first direct users. It is known to everyone how keeping paper-based medical records and managing them is a great hassle. Even carrying such documents is a greater problem. With the help of this latest electronic medical record management software, patients can upload all previous health data and medical record data to the cloud data center by taking pictures, scanning, manual input, and control editing. They are also able to link medical devices to upload measured blood pressure data, and blood sugar data at home. Therefore, no matter where the patients are; they can quickly assess and browse their personal medical records at any time as long as they connect to the Internet. This electronic medical record management platform also has complete functions such as disease analysis, follow-up reminders, physical examination reminders, vaccination reminders for infants and young children, vital signs data monitoring, first aid for the elderly, and the list goes on.

Secondly, the doctors are the second significant users, indirect users of the software. It offers more convenience for them with streamlined data and processes to improve doctors' writing efficiency, diagnosis and treatment accuracy, and medication accuracy. Patients can simply go to private clinics, community hospitals, or transfer hospitals, and log in to the software through their phones or any other web platform to show their history medical records, medical history, and medical examination data to doctors. Quite evidently, it is quite beneficial for both parties. One of the greatest advantages is that it can also avoid repeated blood tests, laboratory tests, and ultrasound tests saving medical resources, and reducing the burden of patients' medical expenses. 

The EHR software offers a range of features and functionalities that offer more room for virtual medical treatment. Starting from Electronic health records management, Patient demographics and history, Appointment scheduling, and calendar integration to Billing and claims management as well as Prescription management; it can handle everything. There is a set of Clinical decision support tools that comes with Reporting and analytics. It is also open to integration with external systems like labs, pharmacies, Radiology, Physical Therapies, etc to name some. This platform is unparalleled when it comes to managing medical records, enhancing patient care, and streamlining healthcare processes. The EHR System Functions are coded in a way that helps to reach medical goals for the users. 

EHR System Functions:

  • Identify and maintain a patient record
  • Manage patient demographics
  • Manage problem lists
  • Manage medication lists
  • Manage patient history
  • Manage clinical documents and notes
  • Capture external clinical documents
  • Present care plans, guidelines, and protocols
  • Manage guidelines, protocols, and patient-specific care plans
  • Generate and record patient-specific instructions
  • Improved workflow
  • Reduction in errors
  • Increased efficiency
  • Centralized information
  • Optimized communication
  • Effective allocation of resources
  • Sign-in systems
  • Online check-in
  • Virtual waiting rooms
  • Scheduling, or integration with existing scheduling systems
  • Patient engagement
  • Text messaging, Online review management, and appointment reminders
  • QR Code patient data tracking
  • QR Code simplified check-in at the Hospital or clinic

Currently, Binsera is offering a total of three products and all of them are EHR + RIS. These products are creatively crafted to fulfill the medical needs of every individual in a complete hassle-free manner. The three products are,

  • Binsera In Patient data Tracker (Binsera IPD Tracker)
  • Binsera Out Patient data Tracker (Binsera OPD Tracker)
  • Binsera Physical Therapy Patient Data Tracker (Binsera PTPD Tracker)

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