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5 ways HR can ensure quality employee retention

The benefit of the organization is like the main goal of any team working for the company or with it. That’s the crux of it. This is not to say that companies only run behind profit. But they do prefer to have it.

An effective working team that helps ensure a good working environment and employee strength can not only ensure smooth project management but faster and efficient completions. This is why companies strive to retain employees that are great at their jobs and enjoy doing it consistently with the same greatness. This is where HR comes in. Because HR is mainly responsible to ensure the various measures that can be implemented which help retain these employees and help them grow.


Here are the top 5 ways HR can ensure quality employee retention:

  1. Flexible work hours

The old 9-to-5 has become a thing of the past with the work-from-home culture taking the center stage. Employees can now choose to be at home and yet work through incorporated telecommunications and online meetings. But, this does not mean that we forget that there is still a work-life balance to be maintained.

Just because an employee is at home does not necessarily mean they can work on that project. Respecting their hours and time will not only lead to happier and satisfied employees, but it will also make the employees more productive in the hours they give to the job. Encourage them to take time and make boundaries.


  1. Create a collaborative and engaging work environment

Maintaining a collaborative environment in the workplace will lead to a very productive vibe for the whole organization that boosts spirits and pushes the employees to work harder. If the workforce is engaging in healthy discussions and the team is interactive it naturally makes for a better workflow. Feeling like a part of the team generates community feeling and everyone can know that they matter. Their opinions, options, work style, and choices are all valid and appreciated in the workplace, which brings the employees validation.

Creating team-building activities through various team events or having periodical fun activities together generates comfort around the team and work as well which also adds to better collaboration. And if the employees are happy, comfortable, and appreciated at the workplace they are more likely to retain the space.


  1. Offer personal development courses

This can probably be considered the most important aspect for employee retention when it comes to organizations as personal development and growth are paramount for any employee. Everyone wants to grow and improve, learn new skills, and undertake as many courses as possible which help them improve their merit. And so employee training and development programs through offline or online learning methods are crucial avenues that should be offered by all.

Offline methods may require a lot of room for making time and space, so online learning methods like using a Learning management system are a great investment. For example, Absorb LMS is an efficient learning management system that helps provide educational training programs and courses for employees with ease.

These programs can be individually tailored for all employees after evaluating their skills so that they can all improve. This is also a great way to train the employees in company-specific skills that help bring improved performance to the business. The employees and the organization can both benefit through these.


  1. Appreciate their hard work and offer rewards

Many companies offer strategic rewards systems to encourage employees to work harder. But even giving constant positive feedback, acknowledging hard work, and appreciating the employees for going the extra mile helps bring better motivation to the employees to do even better. This helps ensure continued employee engagement and brings better recognition to the teams’ talent.

Mostly when an inventive is being offered employees generally feel more motivated to do better. Rewards can be of various kinds from some days of paid holidays to gym memberships for employee welfare.


  1. Offer better benefits and perks

When it comes to employee satisfaction, benefits most assuredly come right after the salary. So offering great benefits and perks from the initiation help make the organization more desirable for the employees. Offering flexible schedules, clear work guides, remote work options, and other benefits like paid leaves for medical emergencies or other extra holidays. We’ve discussed earlier as well how offering great work incentivized benefits is also a great way to bring employee satisfaction.

But remember to bring targeted benefits for all the employees that help ensure the benefits seem like benefits to them. As every employee is unique and if the organization offers to cater to all of them in a personalized bespoke manner, employees can know they do care.



Employee retention is centered around a great recruitment drive, offering a deserved salary with perks and incorporating development and training options for employee learning. And with a little effort and investment towards these tools, organizations can make an impressive work environment and ensure they retain the employees they wish to retain.

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