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Here are Hand-Picked Tips To Win Big in Your Next Preakness Betting Game

Preakness 2021 has been a massive success despite its controversies. It has showcased the best of pedigree horse breeds and provided quality entertainment that fans love. The last Preakness race has also provided big wins on determined bettors and jackpot winners.

Now, there hasn’t been much news about the possibility of having another Preakness, which has left fans speculating. While that is the case, why don’t we train ourselves to become better bettors while waiting? Here are some great, hand-picked tips to win big at the next Preakness game!

Study The Sport

While still on COVID-19 lockdown, most people have free time at home. Hence, it’s best we maximize our time studying more about horse racing since there is no confirmed date yet for the Preakness 2022. This is an excellent time to study horse racing at your own comfortable pace.

We all know luck is a minor component of sports betting. Either you win by chance, or you lose because of your miscalculations. However, understanding the basics and knowing the number behind these horses lets you expand your knowledge and analysis, leading to better bets and higher chances of wins. Remember that having good eyes on sports betting is a skill and can be trained and honed.

Fortunately, many horse betting sites on the internet offer comprehensive articles on horse betting like the preakness stakes guide. So, if you don’t know where to start, TVG is an excellent choice to visit.

Turf Track Performances

Not everyone realizes this, but the condition the track is in affects your horse. It all goes back to how the horse is trained before the race. As a bettor, it’s best to know the horse’s wet turf or dirt record. This record tells you its performances against flat, dry land and on wet soil, allowing you to adapt your bets depending on the current race track.

Moreover, weather affects performance. Should you play on other horse races aside from Preakness, take a look at the participant’s turf record and the forecasted weather of the racing date. This should tell you which horse is more compatible with your betting plan.

Layoffs and Rest Periods

If a horse hasn’t been trained or hasn’t competed for more than 45 days, it is subject to layoffs. Layoffs are long resting periods that happen to most horses due to many factors. For example, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many horses were laid off due to health protocols and restrictions, affecting their performance.

Layoffs have their advantages and disadvantages. Most horses under layoffs tend to perform lower than their average runs, affecting their actual performance on the race. On the other hand, layoffs can benefit active horses. Having long rest periods gives them a chance to recuperate and improve performance during training.

As a bettor, tread lightly when choosing horses coming from layoffs. Betting on a horse that came from layoffs and expecting it to perform better can be a hit or miss.

Start Small But Think Big

It’s a common mistake for a rookie to bet on numerous players, expecting a big win. The truth of the matter is, the more bets you make, the higher chance you have of losing the money.

Start betting in small teams. These small selections give you ample time and focus on researching them. It’s okay to pick a single horse. What matters is picking the best betting type and when to bet on the team, and this can be done through thorough research.

Bet With Your Mind, Not Your Heart

This tip is more of a self-reflection but still helpful nonetheless. Of course, we have our favorite horses to win, and we often place our bets on them. But think to yourself, what is your goal for this event? Do you bet for profit? Or for enjoyment?

If you bet for the sake of winning big, then you must make your decisions based on the best probability, even if it means betting against your favorite horse. And that’s the undeniable truth. You need to make decisions that may not bode well with what you feel, all for the sake of your goal.

On the other hand, if you’re betting because you have your favorite horse and want to have fun, losing a bit of cash should not be your biggest concern. If you want to play just for the sake of playing, then, by all means, enjoy the race.


Horse racing is a returning industry, offering audiences and players big races for all to enjoy and continue their careers. Bettors should take this opportunity to improve their knowledge base and make better judgments on odds and statistics. Anything can happen in the next few races of Preakness, and you should equip yourself with the best tips as much as you can.

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