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These 4 eCommerce Website Design Mistakes Could Ruin Your Success Chances!

As 2021 is nearing its end, we have seen an exponential rise in the ecommerce competition. But does that mean the possibilities to scale your business have decreased?

Hell no!

In fact, the number of people shopping online due to the pandemic has also increased exponentially. This means tons of new possibilities for you to tap your target audience.

However, this won’t be possible with a poorly-designed ecommerce website. That’s where we step in.

Keep reading this blog to know four ecommerce website mistakes that can hurt your success chances.

Poor Images

People are still attracted to pretty photos. The human eye is immediately drawn to colorful visuals or just aesthetically pleasing visuals.

So, it’s essential to incorporate such elements on your website. This helps you sell your products because it represents your brand’s vision. Customers also tend to be more interested in real-life images. It is better to take pictures of a product than upload the name and product description in your online store.

Your product photos and descriptions need to be so good that customers should upload pictures and videos as positive reviews on your website after using them.

Boring Product Details

A boring product description doesn’t make a customer feel special and can’t give accurate product information in less time. Your product descriptions should be compelling and help customers visualize their experience with your product.

Include information that is relevant to your customer. This includes technical product specifications. As long as the customer understands it, it is okay to add such specific information.

You can also include customer-friendly descriptions with instructions such as dos and don’ts. If you own an apparel company, be sure to mention the fabric and wash/care instructions for a T-shirt or other garments.

Unclear Product Catalogue

Customers should be able to identify where to go when they land on your website. Your product should be listed in categories that are easy to understand.

If you are an apparel entrepreneur, you can choose to list your product in the men’s and women’s categories. Or, in the case of an electronics website, there needs to be a separate section for tablets, mobiles, and laptops. Name the categories that are easily understood by others, and not just you. It doesn’t matter how detailed you describe the catalog – a single category should suffice.

However, it should be something that is commonly used by the public. Many online retailers make the mistake of adding complex catalog names in the branding process. Don’t make that mistake. So, you must avoid having too many categories.

This can make it difficult for customers to find what they are looking for in a large product catalog. Also, make sure you have similar product photos for each category. Some photos may have white backgrounds, while others might have colorful and more lifelike backgrounds. This is a mistake! Remember, uniformity brings more stability to your brand.

Poorly Planned Checkout Page

Everything is working fine. The website runs smoothly, even on mobile devices. However, the checkout process is where the big deal happens. In fact, the checkout process is the culprit often responsible for cart abandonment.

As this is the last step of the customer journey that ends with a payment, you need to make sure the customer experience is as smooth as possible. This includes not asking for too many details, other than a customer’s postal address and card details. Customers hate typing too much and won’t mind abandoning the page and looking for an alternative – the last thing you’d want!

Moreover, you should offer several payment methods, such as Paypal, Stripe, credit cards, etc, so that nobody has to worry about any issues while selecting the payment method.

Lastly, do not distract customers with too many discount offers, promos, etc, and just focus on letting them cross the finish line and order the product.

Final Word

A well-design ecommerce website is key to more sales and higher customer satisfaction. Connect with website design charleston sc if you think you need expert help with your ecommerce website.

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