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Impact of the TeslaBot AI on the Tesla Stock Value

AI – a polarizing topic, to say the bare minimum. Since the emergence of movies like Ex Machina and the 1950’s classic novel I, Robot, there have been massive concerns about artificial intelligence taking over the world and enslaving us. That’s just sci-fi conspiracy talking, though. The reality of where we are with AI research and applications is very different.

Artificial Intelligence in today’s tangible terms is the Roomba vacuum, virtual customer care assistance, and the odd Japanese bipedal dancing robot. What if all of that was about to be turned on its head? What if someone managed to build an artificially intelligent robot that could essentially do tasks that humans find monotonous and repetitive? Unlike the exhilaration of placing a bet on sportweddenschappen or taking a leap of faith. That is what Elon Musk and Tesla plan on doing. Whether this is the best move for the world or Tesla stock for that matter is up for heated debate.

Tesla Stock – The Ups and Downs

Tesla is somewhat infamous for making announcements that drastically influence their stock, not always for the better. If we go back to September 2020 to Tesla’s battery technology event, their stock dropped more than 15 percent. Granted, Musk did take the battery day opportunity to announce that it may be a couple more years before a truly affordable Tesla electric vehicle makes it to the automotive market.

But despite any business risks or questionable investments of time and effort, Tesla has always been able to bounce back. Tesla stock averages at around 680 USD this month, which is orders of magnitude better than this time last year’s 45 USD average.

AI Day

Similar to Battery Day, AI Day was a massive event in Tesla’s books. Hosted at Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, AI Day was Musk’s vehicle to convey his thoughts, predictions, plans, and dreams about Tesla’s AI-driven future. Elon Musk discussed the launch of the Tesla Semi and new Roadster and a notable new project with exciting predicted applications. Yes, we are referring to the Tesla Bot.

Elon Musk is no stranger to making bold statements that ultimately crash and burn like SpaceX’s SN11 in Boca Chica, Texas. But, lest we forget, Musk has also wholly revolutionized two industries; astronautics and the automotive sector. If the claims and dreams about the Tesla Bot do come to fruition, we are looking at the hypersonic advancement of robotics and the Artificial Intelligence industry.

Tesla Bot

Musk envisions the Tesla Bot to be a significant help in both the workplace and domestic setting. He predicts that the first Tesla Bot prototype will be launched next year. While we wait, we can look forward to some of the core details released on AI Day:

Musk claims that the Tesla Bot will be friendly, and to quell any sci-fi concerns, even joked that it could be overpowered and outrun by the average human. This was Musk’s way to silence any fears that the Tesla Bot will start the robot uprising.


Elon Musk has a long history of making fantastical claims and predictions concerning Tesla. This man has proven time and time again; he is the one to watch. Whether or not the Tesla Bot will command the same respect has yet to be determined, but Tesla’s stocks are sure to recover from the minor drops Tesla is prone to experience.

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