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5 Ways to Make Money With NFL Betting

Making Money With NFL Betting

We’re almost to the start of another NFL season. At this time of year, nearly everyone who has a betting account is depositing money to get ready for the start of football season. Many sports bettors are looking for NFL betting systems or the easiest way to make money betting sports.

Well, the truth is, there’s no easy way to win at sports betting or when it comes to wagering on the NFL. However, if you know what to look for when betting on football, you can put together an NFL betting strategy that will give you a solid opportunity to end the 2021 NFL Season with a profit.

What To Look For When Betting NFL Online

Before going into a specific NFL betting strategy, we need to be sure that we are choosing online betting sites for football at an elite standard and offer bettors plenty of perks and bonuses.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a trusted online sportsbook.

Safety and Reliability

Sports betting has become more reliable and regulated than ever before, but it’s still important to do your research before making a deposit. How fast does the company process payouts? What methods do they offer for deposits and withdrawals?

Also, bettors need to consider the reputation of the sportsbook they are dealing with they choose a betting site. How is their support? Do they quickly resolve issues and treat their players fairly?

Many bettors skip this step when signing up for a new sportsbook, and then problems arise. Don’t make this mistake and ruin your experience betting football.

Choose a trusted sportsbook.

Bonus Offers

Almost every online sportsbook will offer new users a free bet or freeplay when they sign up and make their first deposit. These bonuses have something called a “rollover,” meaning you must bet through the money a set number of times before you can withdraw any winnings.

For freeplay, you will likely have a 15x rollover of your bonus and deposit before you can ask for a withdrawal. However, some risk-free bet offers only require you to wager through the money one time or 1x, and then you can immediately cash out any winnings.

Bonus terms can be a little tricky at times, so it’s essential to read the fine print before you accept a bonus to be sure there isn’t any ambitious wording and that you follow all the steps to receive your bonus.

Take advantage of all the welcome bonuses and promotions you can find. These will offer you an immediate bankroll boost, which is vital with the start of football season on the horizon.

Betting Markets Offered

It’s important to understand that all sportsbooks are not created equal. Many will have higher betting limits than others on specific betting options, and some betting sites simply offer more variety and betting types than their competitors.

Many betting options are available, and bettors always want to look for variety in their sportsbooks. More betting options is always a plus, as it allows you to uncover value and line shop effectively.

Using multiple sportsbooks is also another excellent way to enhance your edge against the oddsmakers. It allows you to access a wide variety of markets and line shop for the best price or odds available, which is vital to success as a sports bettor.

Five Strategies to Win at NFL Betting

There’s no way to guarantee yourself overnight success wagering on football, but there are some NFL handicapping methods that will help you attack sportsbooks where they are weak. This is an integral part of a successful football betting strategy.

Pay Attention to Off Market Prices

Many will tell you that NFL lines are incredibly sharp and “‘unbeatable” for the average Joe. That part is true. The odds come Sunday morning are extremely difficult to beat, even for the best sports bettors in the world.

However, there’s a caveat to this part of betting on football. Some sportsbooks “shade” their odds to public betting patterns making them more attractive to experienced NFL bettors.

For instance, we might see most sportsbooks have a game at -3 (-110) and +3 (-110), but we find may find +3.5 (-115) available at another sportsbook. This is an off-market price and a profitable wager if the rest of the betting market (and/or the sharpest bookmakers) have it at -3 and +3.

Remember, a half point doesn’t seem like much, but through the key numbers of 3 and 7, getting -2.5 or +3.5 when the number closes at three can make you a winning bettor in the long run. The same goes for -6.5 and +7.5 when it comes to the seven.

You should always pay attention to the prices on sides, totals, and moneylines in your sportsbooks. NFL betting sites often shade their lines towards public betting patterns, but some are just not setting odds correctly or fast enough, and in some cases, they make mistakes.

Always line shop and take advantage of public betting patterns when it comes to wagering NFL football.

Bet Propositions

There are so many betting options available in online sportsbooks these days. The sportsbooks honestly can’t keep track. That’s the truth, they always want to have a ton of betting options and markets to compete with other gambling sites, but there are so many offers they can’t devote a ton of time to every betting market.

The larger markets will always get the most attention, such as point spreads, totals, and moneylines, but it is hard for oddsmakers to track propositions. Propositions or “props” for short are events that are part of the game that are not related to the final score.

For instance, an over/under on wide receiver’s receptions (Over 6.5 -115, Under 6.5 -115) or odds on which team will score the first TD. There can be wagers on if a player will or will not score a touchdown in the game. The list of possible props is nearly limitless. Have you ever seen the list of Super Bowl props at most sportsbooks?

Propositions are not only easier to beat than larger markets, but they’re often not updated as quickly when it comes to injury news or other factors, such as changes in the game plan. Limits are much lower than sides and totals, but some betting sites take thousands of dollars on props.

Propositions are the best way to attack NFL betting markets and one of the easiest ways to make money in sports betting.

Don’t Forget About Live Betting

I have been betting on sports long enough to remember when live betting was an innovation and in sports betting and not a mainstay at every sportsbook on the planet. However, live betting is still fresh in terms of the sports betting industry.

Any stretch does not optimize live betting platforms across the internet. They can be slow to adjust odds, miscalculate probabilities, and in many cases do not adjust for injuries and other in-game factors.

Sportsbooks do have a faster game feed than gamblers sitting at home watching the game on their big screen, but that’s why you shouldn’t try to beat them to the punch. Placing live bets during commercials is the best NFL betting strategy for live betting, as the sportsbooks can’t adjust faster than bettors.

Live betting is available everywhere in 2021, but the platform is far less sharp than pregame odds. It is somewhere you should be looking to target if you’re wagering on the NFL this season.

Wagering On NFL Halftimes

Like live betting, halftime or second half betting is relatively new to sports betting compared to points spreads and totals that have been around for 50 plus years. Like live betting, oddsmakers are forced to quickly work and put out odds for the second half of games.

These need to be done in a matter of minutes when the games go to halftime. This is a short time and doesn’t allow for many adjustments based on half of the game. This gives bettors a crack at a market that is made quickly and is far less sharp than sides and totals that have been fine-tuned all week.

You also may find biases towards favorites in these lines, which offers bettors another opportunity to wager on underdogs.

Second half-lines and halftime odds are another excellent way to the sportsbooks in an area where they are weaker. They have just a few minutes to post odds for the second half and minimal time to make adjustments based on the first half of play.

Adopt A Bankroll Management Strategy

I’ve saved the most important tip for last, as without bankroll management, none of the above NFL gambling tips will help you become a profitable bettor unless you have some kind of bankroll management strategy or plan.

Even if you’re a profitable bettor, you can still be doomed by not having a bankroll strategy. You need to have a staking plan and only risk a certain amount of your bankroll on each wager. For many sports bettors, not having a bankroll strategy and betting too much dooms them from the start.

One of the most basic bankroll strategies is using a percentage of your bankroll as a unit. Your standard unit could be 1% of your bankroll. Most of your plays or wagers should fall into the 1-2% range, with your largest bet being around 5% of your bankroll. Another rule of thumb is for many experienced sports gamblers not to risk more than 20% of their bankroll in one day.

Adopt a bankroll management strategy to minimize your risk of ruin. Be sure to keep yourself in action all season so that you can find value in the betting market.

Sports Betting Is A Grind

If you implement the above advice, I can’t promise you will be a winning NFL bettor, but you will undoubtedly lose less. The reality is that sports betting is a grind and a game of small edges.

You need to attack the low-hanging fruit of sportsbooks, the areas where they are the weakest. If you focus on that during this NFL season, you will have a far better chance of having a good NFL season than 95 percent of sports bettors out there.

Author Bio:

Joseph Falchetti is the author of the blog, most picks, and the majority of content on Safest Betting Sites. Joe has an extensive background as a writer and gambler of all types. He was a professional poker player and sports bettor for eight years until he decided to make the switch to writing sports gambling content, especially about NFL football betting,  after the Black Friday seizures against PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in April 2011.

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