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Groundbreaking Blackjack strategy book is stacking the deck for players.

United States, Texas, Houston - 06-11-2021 (PR Distribution™) -

Addie Guillory, Blackjack savant, reveals the secrets to winning at Blackjack in new book.

Houston, TX: Players seeking to gain an edge on the casinos when playing Blackjack have a new secret weapon. Author Addie Guillory reveals the secrets to not just playing blackjack— but playing to WIN. His groundbreaking book, “Blackjack Fight To Win: The True Million-Dollar Strategy” is making winners out of players of all skill levels. 

Addie Guillory is an extraordinarily successful blackjack player and a writer with a passion for seeing players beat the odds. Having crushed the house at many of the top casinos, Guillory isn’t without his learning experiences. He decided to take the lessons he learned over the years and create a system that is far more effective than card counting. It’s a system that incorporates a structure and formula that delivers higher odds of winning. Guillory explains that his passion for teaching others how to win at blackjack is what drove him to write Blackjack Fight To WinToo often, he has witnessed people lose their money and their confidence trying to count cards and other ineffective methods.

“I have read books about blackjack that teach you how to count cards, but this book does not teach counting cards; what this book teaches is a system that works better, and this betting technique is sure to win you more money than you have ever dreamed possible in a game of blackjack.” 

In his unique approach to the game, Guillory explains that:

  • Counting cards is not only confusing but not as effective as a smart betting strategy.
  • Counting cards, while possibly giving you only a small advantage, can potentially cost you a lot of money when the system fails.
  • You shouldn’t be fooled by movies such as “21,” that depict people beating the odds from counting cards. There’s more going on there than just counting cards to beat the house.

Instead, Guillory claims that his system of strategic betting techniques works better. However, he’s not bluffing and making unfounded claims—his book shows you visual proof of actual winnings. The pictures and numbers don’t lie, Guillory is winning at blackjack—and he’s winning big. Professional gambling books are nothing new. However, in an industry that publishes the same old strategies, they often claim anyone can use their system and win. The reality is that these strategies and books are geared towards more experienced players. Additionally, the claims are often as fictional as the card counting movies Guillory warns players about.

Blackjack Fight To Win is a book for both the novice player and the seasoned gambler alike. The strategies translate across skill levels as well as gambling budgets. The book covers all the bases and presents an accurate explanation of the game of blackjack, the history, and how to win. Everything from paying attention to the habits of fellow players, game variations, and recognizing dealer's hands. 

If you want to move beyond chasing it with nickel and dime betting or want to learn the game of blackjack the right way, this is the book for you. 

Where to buy: Where to buy: “Blackjack Fight To Win: The True Million-Dollar Strategy” is available on as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and iTunes.


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