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6-K Items

1.   RoboGroup  T.E.K Ltd.  Immediate  Disclosure - Execution of Asset Purchase
     Agreement with Mentergy Ltd.

2.   RoboGroup T.E.K Ltd. Press Release dated December 23, 2002.

                                                                          ITEM 1


Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd  Registrar of Companies  Israel Securities Authority
54 Achad Ha'am St            PO Box 767              22 Kanfei Nesharim St
65202 Tel Aviv               91007 Jerusalem         95464 Jerusalem

                 re: RoboGroup T.E.K. Ltd - Immediate Disclosure

RoboGroup  T.E.K.  Ltd.  (the  "Company")  announces  signing an asset  purchase
agreement with Mentergy Ltd. ("Mentergy"), for the purchase of the TrainNet live
video broadband  interactive  learning system.  The contract was approved by the
district  court  of  Tel-Aviv  since  Mentergy  is  in a  proccess  of  "holding
proceedings" under the court's order.

The Company  views this  purchase as another  step in expanding  its  e-learning
activities.  The  combination  of  the  purchased  product  with  the  Company's
exisiting and developed products is expected to provide the Company's  customers
with a unique interactive learning solution.

Very truly yours

RoboGroup T.E.K Ltd

December 23, 2002

                                                                          ITEM 2

12/23/02  1:45 PM                                                  BUSINESS NEWS

 RoboGroup Expands its e-Learning Operations, and Acquires TrainNet Assets
                                 from Mentergy

RoboGroup signs agreement with Mentergy to acquire  TrainNet,  Live  Interactive
Distance  Learning  system,  and appoints  Gidi Nimoy as  e-Learning  VP Sales &
Marketing, in a move to expand its e-learning offerings

ROSH HA'AYIN,  Israel,  December 23/PRNewswire -- RoboGroup T.E.K. Ltd. (Nasdaq:
ROBO - News),  today  announced the signing of an asset purchase  agreement with
Mentergy  Ltd.  (NASDAQ:  MNTE) for the  purchase  of the  TrainNet  live  video
broadband Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) system

RoboGroup is purchasing all assets of TrainNet.  While terms of the  transaction
were not disclosed,  Mentergy, Inc. will receive a cash payment at closing, with
additional future cash payments in the form of royalties from future sales.

TrainNet is a highly  scalable,  broadband  virtual  classroom  application that
provides  high  quality  multicast  video  transmission,  voice over IP,  robust
student/instructor interaction and other advanced tools to deliver instructional
material  over  geographically  dispersed  e-learning   environments.   TrainNet
supports multiple,  live, synchronous,  instructor-led training, in both PC- and
TV-based classrooms via satellite, Internet or terrestrial based communications.
TrainNet  also offers  access to  recorded  asynchronous  classes,  as part of a
virtual  campus.  Designed to reach large  numbers of  geographically  dispersed
participants,   corporations,  government  organizations  and  universities  can
implement  TrainNet  without  compromising  two-way  communication or high level

In the  move,  RoboGroup  also  appointed  Gidi  Nimoy,  formerly  VP Sales  and
Marketing of Mentergy Ltd., as VP Sales and Marketing of RoboGroup's  e-learning
division.  Several  members of the Mentergy  TrainNet staff are expected to join
RoboGroup,  as well.  In  addition  to Mr.  Nimoy's  role in  assuring  a smooth
transition of the TrainNet business to RoboGroup,  he will also lead RoboGroup's
e-learning sales and marketing activities  worldwide.  Mr. Nimoy has significant
experience  in  international  sales and  marketing,  most recently at Mentergy.
Previously he served as VP Sales and Marketing,  and, later on, as President, of
Edusoft Ltd,  where he  established  the  company's  international  distribution
network in Latin  America,  Europe and Asia  Pacific.  Mr.  Nimoy  holds a B.Sc.
degree in Electronics Engineering from the Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel.

Mr. Haim  Schleifer,  Managing  Director of RoboGroup and head of the e-learning
division commented: "RoboGroup has sought to expand its e-learning business, and
the  acquisition  of TrainNet  increases our access to this growing  field.  The
combination of TrainNet,  with our existing  Learning Content  Management System
(LCMS),  Authoring Tool and Testing and Assessment  Platform,  and comprehensive
content, provides our customers with a unique interactive learning solution."

RoboGroup  expects that TrainNet will enhance its current  e-learning  activity.
RoboGroup,   whose  traditional   expertise  lies  in  the  field  of  automated
manufacturing  technology training,  has developed and implemented more than 600
hours of highly  interactive  web-based  content.  Based on  RoboGroup's  unique
"virtual  hands-on  concept",  the content is designed to teach users  practical
technology-based,  "hard-skills" topics (i.e., robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics,
electronics) via online experimentation with high-quality interactive animations
and 3D modeling  simulations.  The Company has also developed and implemented an
Enterprise Learning Content Management System (LCMS),  which enables content and
assessment  authoring,  deployment  and tracking  tools,  as well as  integrated
collaboration tools, detailed competency/skills  tracking, user registration and
enrollment, micro- and macro- reporting, and more. Both the content and LCMS are
wholly  XML-based  and  database  driven.  RoboGroup  intends to resume  ongoing
support for all existing TrainNet customers.

Ms.  Tami  Bonnett-Admi,  VP of  E-Learning  Operations,  noted:  " We view  the
acquisition  of  TrainNet  as  an  avenue  for  reaching   additional   markets,
specifically  the  corporate  sector.  We  believe  that Mr.  Nimoy's  extensive
experience in both the e-learning and technology sectors are a perfect match for
RoboGroup's e-learning division."

Gidi Nimoy, the newly appointed VP of e-learning sales and marketing  commented:
"We have seen a growing  demand from  TrainNet  customers  to expand  TrainNet's
offering  by adding  content  and LCMS to the  TrainNet  synchronous  e-Learning
platform.  The TrainNet  acquisition by RoboGroup  provides  existing and future
customers  with a combined  solution,  that  includes  an  Interactive  Distance
Learning platform,  an LCMS and a rich library of e-learning  content. I am sure
that within the Robogroup  organization,  TrainNet  will gain further  momentum,
both in R&D and  marketing  efforts,  to  strengthen  its  position as a leading
distance learning  solution."

RoboGroup engages in three business sectors.  The first focuses on new high tech
ventures such as MemCall,  a fabless VLSI  semiconductor  developer  with unique
Call Out MemoryTM  technology for Internet and  communications  applications  in
need of  intensive  Search and Filter  capabilities.  The second is comprised of
Yaskawa Eshed  Technology  (YET), a joint venture with Japan's Yaskawa  Electric
Corp.,  which provides  industrial motion controls,  particularly those based on
its patented  algorithms.  The third sector is devoted to  RoboGroup's  training
products and e-learning  system.  RoboGroup is a world leader in engineering and
manufacturing  technology  training  systems.  The  Company  is  market  driven,
deriving  its growth from  technological  leadership,  strong  partnerships  and
management expertise.

For more information, visit

To the extent  that this  press  release  discusses  expectations  about  market
conditions  or  about  market  acceptance  and  future  sales  of the  Company's
products,  or otherwise makes statements  about the future,  such statements are
forward-looking  and are  subject  to a number of risks and  uncertainties  that
could cause results to differ materially from the statements made. These factors
include the rapidly changing technology and evolving standards in the industries
in which the Company and its  subsidiaries  operate,  risks  associated with the
acceptance of new products by  individual  customers and by the market place and
other factors discussed in the business  description,  management discussion and
analysis,  and risk factor sections of the Company's Annual Report on Form 20-F.


Talia Myron  RoboGroup T.E.K. Ltd.   Tel: 972-3-900-4170
Steven M.  Bregman  FRMO Corp.       Tel: 646-495-7329


         Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934,
the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

                                    ROBOGROUP T.E.K. LTD.

                                    By: /s/ Rafael Aravot
                                            Rafael Aravot
                                            Chief Executive Officer

Date: December 24, 2002