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Connie Graham Is Cultivating Long Lasting Relationships with her Clients in the Mortgage Industry

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2021 / Technology has made it easier for humans to communicate. But this doesn't always translate to genuinely connecting with other people. Building connections has always been key in many industries, but more so in the Mortgage industry. Today many brokers will advertise only low-interest rates. This leads clients to believe that a low rate is the most important criteria to determine the best mortgage option, when in fact, mortgages are just as complex as you are and require an understanding of your circumstances and your plans to determine what is the best mortgage product to save you money over the life of your mortgage, not just the first term.

Lucky for us, Connie Graham has a background in the hospitality industry. Upon entering service as a mortgage broker for Axiom Mortgage in 2004, Connie has worked tirelessly to establish that it's not just about the skill of a mortgage broker at accessing good rates, but more so her dedication to doing everything within her ability to give the best guidance to clients and keep them coming back.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Connie has worked with over 5000 clients all across Canada. She has also been awarded the Passion Pride Purpose Award of Axiom Mortgage Solutions in 2014. Despite her many accomplishments, Connie maintains that the accolades aren't her greatest achievements. Rather, she feels proudest of the many referrals she gets, which make up the majority of her clients. "When a past client refers their friend, family, or co-worker to me, this makes me feel confident that I am delivering on my promise," She says.

Connie's background in hospitality was an essential factor in her 16-year growth as a mortgage broker. Bringing authenticity and reliability to her mortgage services has always been Connie Graham's mission. She says that her "focus is and always will be establishing trust between herself and the client."

She adds, "I don't go out there and sell hard. I am an advisor. People come to me because I offer a level of trust and support that I build with them from the ground up. Getting people into mortgages with the best rates is just a piece of the puzzle. It's important to know the mortgage product and have the flexibility to adjust with clients as needed."

When asked how she adjusts for clients, Connie had this to say: "I will listen to you because I care about what you want and what you need. I will take the time to review all the fine print, and I'll explain it in plain English. I will offer you flexibility, and we'll review your circumstances on a regular basis, I may even contact you and offer you a chance to save even more interest if market conditions change, as I am always looking for opportunities for my clients."

"Buying a home will likely be the biggest investment of your life, so I'll take the time you need to make the right choice. I want you to have peace of mind and a solid plan for the future. My goal is to help you through the mortgage process and then to be available to you on an ongoing mortgage basis for mortgage advice. I am your expert guide. I will support you in making the best choices to achieve your goals." Connie concludes.

Connie Graham Mortgages has been an expert guide for many people more than once in their lives. In fact, among her services, it's mortgage renewals that are her signature. When asked why her renewals stand out from others, she explains, "I love renewals. I feel there is a massive market for people to be educated on the best rates for renewals. Financial institutions like banks do not actually offer the best rates on renewal to their existing clients. They only offer their best rate options to NEW business, and they count on you to not ask questions and to take the easy path by just signing your renewal at the rate that is offered, which is much higher than market rates. I'm not looking for a quick commission out of a partnership with a client. Instead, I want to see my clients get educated with their finances and to help them build up their lives."

Whether it's giving timely solutions for a mortgaged service or tailoring to the specific needs of a client, Connie's goal has always been to give the best possible solutions to her clients for as long as they work with her. "To succeed in the mortgage industry, you need to learn how to nurture and cultivate long-term relationships. A low mortgage rate is only the start of the journey. Your home is a long-term investment, and it's important for you to have an expert on your side to help you make the best-educated decision on your mortgage plan with your long-term goals in mind". She says.

Planning for the big move in your life is best done with a broker who has your best interests above their own. Connie Graham is just that broker.

Find out more about Connie Graham and what she has in store for various home buyers and homeowners of Canada.


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