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The Anti Acne Club has launched in the USA

Company is known for developing a natural supplement that eradicates acne, pimples and blackheads

(PRUnderground) November 24th, 2020

The Anti-Acne Club has finally launched its sell-out skincare supplement in the USA and promises consumers clear skin in 3 months, or their money back!

The London based skincare company utilizes natural ingredients to address the root cause of common acne and customers are reporting that it is incredibly effective.

The brand’s formula is rooted in science and is underpinned by a number of scientific research papers that have explored the pathogenesis of acne. They also worked with dermatologists and a formulation company in the UK to develop the product.

“For spots and common acne to appear 4 things need to happen and our supplement contains the ingredients that intercept and work to stop each one of those steps” said Madeline Rush, Co-Founder, and CMO.

The company’s goal is to change the perception of skincare and wants consumers to think about their skin-health from the inside-out. This approach is something that has taken other categories by storm as research continues to highlight the importance of inner-health on areas of general health and wellbeing. 

Most readers will have suffered from spots at some point and probably, therefore, sought topical products to quell breakouts and acne. The Anti-Acne Club seeks to change people’s approach to treatment through education and offering a supplement that works to fix the root cause, from the inside out.

“The focus on getting clear skin has always been on topical products, but spots and common acne are actually the result of things happening internally”.

The company explains that topical solutions do not deal with the actual problem causing the spots and classifies acne as a symptom.

After a successful trial, the company decided to offer a money back guarantee and say that this will be something that will always be on offer. “We were so confident in the results we knew we would be able to offer this complete reassurance to people and having experienced acne ourselves we understand the concern of wasting more and more money”.
The brand says that so far only 0.3% of customers have requested their money back.

The skincare brand is seeing great success but admits it is having teething issues; “Our biggest problem currently is keeping up with the high demand and the global pandemic is definitely making that more complicated” but Madeline also assures that “We keep enough stock in reserve to ensure existing customers never run-out”.

The Anti-Acne Club sells the supplement via its website:

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