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ITEM 2.05
On January 27-29, 2009, 3Com changed senior management personnel and undertook certain related actions with respect to its TippingPoint organization. TippingPoint is engaged in the development, marketing and sale of network security solutions, including network intrusion prevention systems, network access control and Digital Vaccine services. Material actions included appointing new senior management and streamlining certain other management positions. We expect these initial actions to be complete by the end of our current fiscal quarter. We also expect new senior management and 3Com Corporate personnel to evaluate whether further changes are required to meet business objectives. 3Com’s more recent success in winning larger enterprise accounts in its core networking business and growth in its security business have highlighted the increased opportunities for 3Com to better leverage TippingPoint security solutions as a differentiator in 3Com’s networking equipment sales efforts. Accordingly, 3Com management has designed these actions to achieve operational synergies and improved sales force coordination between TippingPoint and other parts of 3Com, to better leverage the TippingPoint business globally and to increase TippingPoint sales and profitability.
We are unable in good faith to make a determination of the estimates of the total charges expected to be incurred in connection with these actions and we intend to file an amended report within four business days after we make a determination of such estimates. 3Com currently estimates that the total charges for severance and related employee costs for senior management personnel that are part of the initial actions described above will be in the range of $2 million to $2.3 million. 3Com expects to incur these costs primarily in its third quarter of fiscal 2009 and expects substantially all of these costs to be cash outlays.
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